Dragon Kratom: Strain with Three Colors and Diverse Effects

By | January 30, 2019

The dragon kratom is an extraordinary strain of the herbal cure that provides the effects modern people need – relaxation, pain relief, and rejuvenation.

Categorized into three according to their colors, you can choose which among them – white, red, or green – can help fulfill your health and personal requirements.

Dragon Kratom: Strain with Three Colors and Diverse Effects

I. White Version: An Interplay of White Elephant and White Maeng Da

The white dragon kratom is a popular combination of two of the strongest white vein kratom strains: the White Maeng Da kratom and the White Elephant kratom.

Users would notice the conspicuous potency of this well-known special herb. The white dragon kratom originated in Southeast Asia. In Thailand and Indonesia’s Borneo, the plant is commonplace.

Among the positive effects of this kratom strain are the following:

1. It intensifies sexual endurance.

The white dragon kratom increases a user’s libido.  With a low dosage of this strain, you can give your love life added sparkle as your sex drive and performance in bed will be enhanced, thanks to the stimulating effect of this type of kratom.

2. It helps achieve peace of mind.

The White Elephant kratom gives a user soothing relief.  If you are worried because of professional and personal problems, taking the white dragon kratom will tranquilize your downbeat emotions. You will obtain positive vibes which can then help you sort out your life.

3. It invigorates the body.

This kratom strain is known to yield the most energizing results.  During daytime, especially on weekday mornings, you can take the white dragon kratom to power-boost your mind and body.

You will then be able to prepare yourself for the long day ahead.  In addition, you can be worry-free because this kratom has the stimulating effect that tea or coffee has and it is safe for the stomach.

II. Red Version: The Power-Boosting Kratom Strain

During daytime, you may feel sluggish and sleepy because last night was a get-together with family.

However, this should not be the case because you are the CEO’s assistant and it is just Monday. The red dragon kratom can help you in the following ways:

  1. It will transform you from being drowsy into a mentally-alert person.

You will be fully awake upon taking this herbal medicine. Its energizing effect amplifies mental focus and responsiveness. In addition, you will be able to ward off depressed feelings.

  1. It soothes the mind.

Your worries will be diminished with this alternative cure from Thailand. Your stressed feelings will be washed away. You will feel tranquil and more upbeat, looking forward to the promise of a new day.

  1. It helps take away the body aches.

The red dragon kratom is an all-natural painkiller. Although a high dosage of over 6 grams will make you feel drowsy, consumption of this variant leads to relief from body pains.

III. Green Version: The Moderate Kratom Strain

The green dragon kratom is a widespread and most preferred strain because it provides the best of both worlds – the white and red dragon kratom.

This nature of this strain together with its robust potency has made it regularly used. It features the following chief benefits:

  1. It calms the muscles.

Muscle pain is common if you do physical activities daily.  In addition, sitting in front of the computer for a long time while at work will make you feel muscle tension and cramps.

This kratom strain helps in relieving the aches that you may feel. You would then recover your energy for the next workday.

  1. It makes you feel friendly and worry-free.

The green dragon kratom will make you feel physically and mentally energetic. You would feel a sense of happiness and contentment in your life that you would be eager to make new friends.

  1. It will guarantee you power-sleep throughout the nighttime.

If your mind is having problems shutting down as you are awake and busy all throughout the day, then the pacifying effect of this kratom strain will assure you that you can sleep well in the evening.

With today’s fast-paced and hectic lifestyles, any person who learns about the advantages of taking the dragon kratom variants will not have second thoughts of trying it.

The three versions of the dragon kratom are quite useful for young adults and working professionals.

You should just keep in mind that moderation is key and that following the proper dosage will help you attain your intended benefits without any inconvenient side effects.