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Super Green Malay Kratom: Origins and Other Kratom Facts

One of the best strains of kratom is the Super Green Malay kratom. This strain is also taken from a mature Mitragyna Speciosa tree that is native to Southeast Asia. Tracing the Roots of the Super Green Malay Kratom The Super Green Malay is endemic to the mountains and dense forests of Malaysia. Maybe, you’ll… Read More »

Green Vein Borneo: Know the Different Benefits It Gives to Users

Since it is derived from a coffee family, kratom’s benefits provide a stimulating effect on the brain. Just like coffee, it improves memory and mental status. Kratom has many strains, and one of them is the green vein Borneo. The alkaloid content of this strain may affect your memory in the brain and improves cognitive… Read More »

Find Out More About Kratom Effects Erowid and Other Vital Info

What Is Erowid? Often referred to as Erowid Center, it’s an educational organization that offers vital information regarding psychoactive plants as well as chemicals. It also includes technologies and activities that can create modified states of awareness, such as lucid dreaming, meditation, stimulation, transcranial magnetic stimulation, etc. Psychoactive Substances Erowid has crucial facts regarding psychoactive… Read More »

Kratom Use and Effects: Is Kratom Bad for Your Liver and Kidney?

It is undeniable that kratom has a lot of medicinal effects, but is kratom bad for your liver? Kratom has gained quite the popularity in recent years. It is an herbal medicine that can provide countless benefits especially for those in chronic pain. However, is kratom safe for everyone? Besides its advantages, kratom use can… Read More »

All Things You Need to Read About Green Vein Sumatra Review

There are lots of green vein Sumatra review resources you can read online. Here, the most important things are jotted down just for you. From dosage, benefits, and side effects. Green Vein Sumatra can be found in Sumatra, an island in Indonesia where it is planted and harvested. The place is known for its abundance… Read More »

Kratom for Migraines: Effective or Useless

Many kratom users claim that taking kratom for migraines is effective. How accurate are these claims? With so many kratom strains in the market, which one is effective for alleviating the pain of a migraine? Migraine and its Effects A migraine has afflicted millions of Americans every year. Often, it affects someone socially, and economically.… Read More »

Hulu Kratom: The Most Difficult to Find, Definitely Worth It

Hulu kratom, which is alternatively known as Hulu Kapuas kratom, is a lesser-known strain of Mitragyna speciosa. The tropical tree is a native to Southeast Asia and a member of the coffee family. It comes from the world’s largest island country, Indonesia. In the country’s province of West Kalimantan’s capital Pontianak, you can find the… Read More »