Vendor Review: Kratom Pro

By | January 2, 2017

Kratom Pro is one of the several kratom vendors based in California that provide item discounts on its minimally-designed interface. The online shop provides very little information on its products including where they’re sourced from, the effects they make, recommended dosage, or how they’re handled in international and local warehouses. Their critical aspect is that their pricing is marked up from what you would buy from other reputable kratom vendors.

Utilizing a basic website template and not providing anything substantial on Kratom Pro, buyers are left to ponder on their service reliability and quality of their products.

Kratom Pro provides some bare bones selection of classic kratom items which include several kinds of powder and capsules. There’s virtually no proof of where their products are sourced from and even the product descriptions are of no help. This is solid evidence that Kratom Pro is just a drop-shipper, not carrying their own kratom products.kratom

Information of every product is way too generic and one may feel that whoever wrote each description never tried any of the products. No buyer can be confident of a distributor of alternative medicines when very little information is provided to the public.

There is some mention of the company grounding its own kratom leaves in the United States. But a majority of experienced kratom users knows this isn’t true since the packaging is strikingly similar to Arena Ethnobotanicals, a widely trusted kratom vendor. Either way, it’s still not clear which advantage it is, if there’s any. The site has no explanation as to why its own organically-harvest products are beneficial.

There aren’t any other products sold except for kratom. No consciousness or mention has been made on the bigger alternative medicine movement in which kratom is the main player. As a matter of fact, Kratom Pro’s site has an unsettling cut-and-paste feel with little personality, which is underwhelming compared to the intricate and lively culture surrounding kratom in recent years.

For instance, a modern site to order kratom online is completely reliant on the latest herbal movement and offering deals on quality product problems. You’ll be better off with other reputable online vendors that greatly pushes Kratom Pro to shame.

A good online vendor provides more than just the usual selection that can be observed at other sites. It should be an exciting market for offering anything from live kratom plants to exotic rare blends. Kratom should be have its niche among the widely varying alternative remedies Mother Nature has to offer. There are several sites that follow this example. Unfortunately, Kratom Pro isn’t one of them.

Kratom Product Pricing

Products from Kratom Pro, seen at a bargain warehouse, are low priced compared to other online vendors. But given its criticisms of its site and lack of involvement in the kratom scene, we won’t know if the vendor can be fully trusted on its products or even figure out if their products are high quality. Maybe they’re able to price their products less since corners were cut someplace else, but without accurate information on its selection, we can’t be too sure.

The Verdict

With kratom users working to craft a surging community of like-minded individuals, it’s essential to appreciate honest herbal businesses that are not only part of the kratom movement, but also working hard to offer quality products and reliable service.

There’s nothing about Kratom Pro that prompts users to believe that it’s trustworthy. While they’re not as mean as other vendors who continue mislead buyers, this site is an example of attempting to quickly cash in on kratom products, while providing nothing interesting or new to the conversation.