Vendor Review: Kratom King

By | January 3, 2017

Kratom King is one of the well-travelled online kratom vendors in the market today. This vendor offers a no-hassled approach when exclusively dealing with kratom products. The focus on going back to the basics involving worthwhile deals despite some limitations and authenticity may leave some users asking the legitimacy of Kratom King.

Product Selection and Availability

As you look through the minimally-designed pages of Kratom King’s site, you’ll spot a couple of simple selections that includes Thai-Malay and Indo/Bali kratom strains, as well as additional web pages for kratom blends and extracts. There are relatively few botanical sites that recently offer a wide range of known and rare herbal products. But Kratom King’s limited product selection is underwhelming and may disappoint a handful of buyers.

Kratom King is fortunate enough to offer a useful product availability report that informs potential buyers know if the product they desire is available to purchase. Most online kratom shops who have popular items tend to sell out and may take a bit of time to replenish since stock requires lengthy travels from abroad. This doesn’t lead to a huge product selection.

Their shop offers a small capsule selection in certain strains. The Maeng Da, Thai, Bali, and the curious “Gold Reserve” extract are sold in 50 to 250 grams.

Description of the products is smart and extensive, which is very much appreciated, and photos of products are useful for users to know what they’ll be getting ahead of time.

Buying Kratom from Kratom King

For products that they can’t carry, Kratom King does offer some reasonable deals. They possess a few strains that sell for under $10.00 per ounce. Maybe the site got hold of a deal with these items since the widely-known Maeng Da Strain is sold at $22.00 per ounce, considered to be average in pricing and nothing special among internet-based vendors. For instance, you get a 5% discount by simply “liking” them on their Facebook page.Kratom King

Capsules are being sold with prices compared to a majority of online vendors. The Gold Reserve capsules are a bit expensive. This is a product that gets brought up in topics from time to time, but it’s not clear which strain it hailed from. Priced at $75.00 for 20 pills, it’s difficult to figure out if buyers are getting a deal with a little information about the product. Unfortunately, the Gold Reserve capsules has no written information.

Kratom King does provide several blends at low prices. The pricing is so low that reviewers are wondering if such blends are purchased leftovers from bigger kratom packages that didn’t sell well in another form. It may seem like a risk to invest a small amount of questionable leftovers, so be cautious when crossing this scenario.

Reviewing Kratom King

Most consumers praise Kratom King for its originality and honesty. There are absolutely no business impropriety accounts and they appear to deliver products exactly as described.

There’s nothing much to complain about Kratom King. The site itself is trustworthy enough providing acceptable pricing when you order kratom online. But their limited production selection is a big downer that shouldn’t be ignored. Good intentions today can’t overcome a buyer’s need for a suitable choice.