Vendor Review: Deep Jungle Kratom

By | January 3, 2017

The Deep Jungle Kratom is one of a handful kratom vendors that claims to have low pricing on kratom bulk powders. Although their pricing are a little lower, some online vendors offer better pricing.

Furthermore, their wide range of kratom products isn’t as high compared to other sellers. At the same time, they refuse to accept credit card payments or other online-based payment methods. But they do have fair ratings from loyal buyers. Until they provide a satisfactory ordering process, it may seem like they won’t remain competitive against bigger retailers.

Review of Deep Jungle Kratom

Deep Jungle has a selection of well-known powdered kratom items. These include the Borneo Red Vein, Sumatra Red Vein, Green Malay, and the Sumatra White Vein. They also have in stock Red and Green Riau kratom, a less popular strain from Southwest island region of Sumatra. The Riau strain is said to possess a mixture of uplifting characteristics of the Sumatra version and relaxing effects of Borneo leaves. Riau is said to deliver a favorable smell and taste.

Deep Jungle Kratom

Although such variants offer adequate sampling of green, red, and white kratom strains, they’re lacking some of the well-known names preferred by experienced kratom users. For instance, they don’t possess Thai Kratom, Ultra Enhanced Indo or Maeng Da powder in stock. They also lack extracts, tinctures, or capsules — considered as must-haves for kratom users. With that in mind, if your interest is limited to powder kratom then missing some of these options may not be a problem.

Kratom Product Pricing

The first thing you should realize with the Deep Jungle Kratom is that their minimum pricing order is at 114 grams. This is way bigger compared to other vendors, which is why new buyers may not be keen in purchasing from them. All of their strains have a price of $40.00 for 114 grams, which is low, but you can actually purchase it a lower prices from other trusted online vendors. For instance, some vendors sell 114 grams of a Premium Indonesian strain for only $36.00.

Payment Process Issues

The biggest concern with Deep Jungle Kratom is that buying kratom via their order method is a bit complex. They don’t possess characteristics of an e-store and you can’t make an order by credit card or PayPal.

Instead, you need send them an e-mail to make your order and wait until an invoice is sent back to you. You’ll have to mail a money order to them or request a cashier’s check as payment. Once the company receives this then they’ll start shipping your order.

As expected, this will increase the delay time during the order process. It means it may take an additional week or so for your product to land on your doorstep compared to the modern kratom e-stores who welcome credit card or other online payments. This isn’t a secure approach of buying online as you won’t have an alternative in case you don’t receive the order as planned. In addition, some buyers complained how Deep Jungle Kratom takes a long while to respond to e-mails.

To Conclude:

Even though the Deep Jungle Kratom does earn praise for its product quality and pricing, the problematic ordering process makes it difficult to recommend to others. There are other kratom vendors you can look into that offers the same quality and pricing while letting you order via credit card. But if you don’t mind the long wait and process and you’re interested in attaining Green and Red Riau kratum, then this vendor would be an ideal place to purchase it.