Vendor Review: Coastline Kratom

By | August 3, 2018

Coastline Kratom is one of a very few kratom vendors who offer free US shipping on all of their orders. They offer some of the lowest prices on kratom powder online. Unlike many other vendors, they are not known for selling bulk kratom powder.

Although they are not the right choice for those in the market for kilos, their online store is fully-stocked with a variety of quality kratom strains. Whereas some of the less reputable vendors place limitations on their customers in terms of payment options, Coastline Kratom accepts all major credit cards.

They have fair ratings from past customers who have attested to their solid products and fast shipping methods on sites like Reddit. Here we’ll take a look at how they have positioned themselves within the current marketplace and whether they measure up to their top competitors in the kratom industry.

Review of Coastline Kratom

Coastline Kratom is a North Carolina-based vendor that is renowned for their wide array of kratom powders. These include Ultra Enhanced Green Malay Kratom, Red Vein Borneo, the much in-demand White Vein Horned Kratom and Ultra Enhanced Red Horned Kratom.

Horned kratom is said to possess unique properties due to its high concentration of kratom’s active alkaloids. Red Horned Kratom’s profile gives it some special benefits. It has been called the “unpredictable strain” due to its curious potency and unexpected effects.

Of particular interest should be their live kratom plants which enable consumers to save money by freely growing their own renewable source of kratom leaves.

For users who don’t have a green thumb, their pre-prepared kratom powders are both diverse and finely ground. Gold standards like Maeng Da and Green Malay are readily available with prices starting at $12.99.

Where many kratom vendors only offer Green Maeng Da, Coastline Kratom sells both red and white vein Maeng Da. The red vein is known for its powerful analgesic effects while the white vein is more mood enhancing and energizing.

Bestseller include their Beginner’s Pack, White Kratom Pack, Green Malay and their Green Kratom Pack.

Coastline Kratom Product Pricing

Consumers should be aware that their minimum pricing order is 25 grams. Most of the top vendors offer 28 grams as a starter pack. The most that one can order at a time is 100 grams. This is significantly less than many of their competitors, although the pricing is fair.

Prices vary from strain to strain with the ceiling being $89.99 for bulk Ultra Enhanced Green Malay Kratom and $109.99 for an Ultra Enhanced Kratom Pack containing 5 grams of each of the following: Ultra Enhanced Red Borneo, Ultra Enhanced Red Horned Kratom, Ultra Enhanced Maeng Da and Ultra Enhanced Green Malay.

Payment Methods

As mentioned above, a lot of lesser kratom vendors place restrictions on how their customers can pay with some only accepting COD (Cash on Delivery) or money orders. Some of the top vendors accept Bitcoin and e-transfers. Unfortunately, these are not acceptable payment options with this vendor. On the bright side, all major credit cards are accepted and transactions are secure and discreet.

Customer Support

This vendor is well-known for their superior customer service with users reporting prompt responses to their concerns and expedient resolution of any issues experienced. Unlike others who provide 24/7 live chat or a ticket system for consumer inquiries, Coastline Kratom lists a customer service phone number at the top of their homepage.

Callers are met with a pre-recorded message, saying,“Thank you for calling Coastline Kratom, America’s premier kratom supplier. Your call may be recorded to ensure the best possible customer service.”

If callers reach them between business hours, they are prompted to leave a message and their call is returned promptly.

To Conclude:

Despite a lack of bulk kratom powder options or payment methods, Coastline Kratom earns its reputation among consumers thanks to a well-stocked store, unique kratom strains and a commitment to customer satisfaction.

Like other vendors, such as Kratom Crazy, they offer a money back guarantee that assures customers they are in good hands. And like other top vendors, such as Kraken Kratom, their pricing is affordable. If you’re interested in purchasing Horned Kratom, this vendor would be an ideal place to purchase it.