Vendor Review: Bouncing Bear Botanicals

By | January 3, 2017

As an elite among online kratom vendors today, Bouncing Bear Botanicals is widely known as the place for a wide selection of herbal products over the internet. Aside from their astounding lineup of classic kratom products, the vendor also provides special grade varieties that don’t typically appear outside of Asia.

For this reason alone, Bouncing Bear Botanicals earned high praise from review sites and buyers, as well as an excellent track record of reliability and product quality, which has earned the vendor a very good reputation. There are number of points that make Bouncing Bear Botanicals a trustworthy kratom vendor.

High End Kratom Selection

The primary criteria when seeking for a good supplier of kratom is selection. And it’s in this area where Bouncing Bear Botanicals is most well known. While you may have found one of the best kratom products in varying outlets, only a specialized vendor like the Bouncing Bear Botanicals can provide these unique strains with kratom benefits as well as blends and preparation.

Look through their complete product line and you’ll know exactly why. There are a number of classic choices such as the Bali, Maeng Da, and Indo strains. You’ll also spot a very rare Borneo strain blend which combines the best of several kratom strains. There’s also the valuable 10% mitragynine extract, Sakae Naa kratom alternative, and kratom plants for sale.

Bouncing Bear

Hover over the primary herb category and be blown away with the vendor’s selection of rare herbal products, plants, and seeds. Products you’ve only seen in botanical journals such as the Mandrake, Sacred Lotus, and Yohimbe are easily available for purchase. This vendor is a big source for users interested in going through rare remedies and herbal plants.

Buying Kratom from Bouncing Bear Botanicals

Before, if you were eager to buy kratom you’d have to keep track of sellers overseas and hope they get to deliver their advertised products honestly and safely. It was common at that time to wait for several months while kratom packages went through customs, if they managed to through them all, only to see your order made incorrectly, or even worse, a fraud. No buyer wants to take such chance especially when it comes to alternative medicines.

Today, a number of online vendors such as the Bouncing Bear Botanicals are headquartered in the United States. This is an improved progress for kratom users since it adds another layer of confidence and security for all purchases.

Some of the benefits you can attain with Bouncing Bear Botanicals are:

  • Full compliance with present laws in the country
  • Ships completely legal products
  • Excellent privacy policy with encrypted credit card checkout and discrete delivery
  • Delivers swiftly within the United States and same-day shipping
  • Money back guarantee on all herbal products

Large Order Deal Offerings

Every online vendor review starts and ends with pricing. There’s no way a recommendation can be made if Bouncing Bear Botanicals hasn’t proven to provide some of the lowest pricing in the business. The trusted vendor offers quality products at rock bottom prices compared to other kratom vendors on the web.

Typical strains such as the Green Malay can be bought at 28 grams for only $15.00. Even making an additional month’s purchase of a large kratom product can save you as much as 30% or more. Such deals are way too good to pass up.

With its wide range of unique and quality selection, money back guarantee, good deals, and security, Bouncing Bear Botanicals is at the top of the list of the best online kratom shop. Compare them to other online vendors and you’ll soon agree with the notion.