Ultra Enhanced Indo – Euphoric & Powerful Strain

By | May 30, 2014

Whenever you spot an “enhanced” label on a kratom item, it usually means its potency has been enhanced via the addition of a concentrated extract. This is the case for the Ultra Enhanced Indo (UEI). Its extract is formulated by extensively boiling the densely packed kratom resin. As much as 1,500 mg of sourced alkaloids are combined in the Indo strains.

Ultra Enhanced Indo kratom powder

Ultra Enhanced Indo is said to create immense euphoria and intensified sedative effects — way more than other strains in the market today. The difference can be observed in the product’s dosage. Like most kinds of kratom, a lower dosage usually triggers stimulation, whereas higher dosages typically lead to complete relaxation. But for Ultra Enhanced Indo, achieving the desired effects can be observed in the lower dosage range. A majority of kratom users say Ultra Enhanced Indo is a bit too strong for their taste.

Ultra Enhanced Indo Dosage

When it comes to the Ultra Enhanced Indo, taking less is definitely a mouthful. It is recommended that you set aside your usual dosage and begin anew. With potency a dozen times more than other kratom products, a normal dosage of the Ultra Enhanced Indo is considered extreme for most users. Scaling lower in dosage is suggested even if you think what you’re taking is too little.

UEI capsules

The enhanced version of the product is effective when one gram of it is taken. This is equivalent to one eighth of a teaspoon. Most users prefer going for one half the dosage, kicking it off at 5 grams minimum. To make sure you achieve an optimal experience with the Ultra Enhanced Indo, begin with a minimal dosage and increase your increments by half a gram. Do this for multiple sessions if you want to go for a higher effect but for the most part, this isn’t required.

One of negative aspects of Ultra Enhanced Indo is its current pricing. While conditions in the market vary, it’s typically priced a little more than other kratom strains. This is what you get in enhanced kratom items, which is reasonable since the heavy concentration of kratom alkaloids means you use less for every session.

Ultra Enhanced Indo Side Effects & Warnings

Ultra Enhanced Indo is incredibly strong that kratom enthusiasts say it’s not recommended for constant use. It’s generally suggested for use during special occasions, utilized intermittently as a break from moderately-powerful kratom products. An ideal approach with such enhanced strains is to buy some on hand for irregular use, as a steady supply to a bigger non-enhancing kratom stock more ideal for everyday or once-a-week use. Many label the Ultra Enhanced Indo strain to be so strong that it can at times be seen as an exotic product not often readily available (due to limited supply).

A better suggestion some would opt for is, going for some highly strong but not too overwhelming kratom. Enhanced powders, which is what is being made to formulate a strong kratom, is usually sold in separate parts, with strengths amounting to 15 times. With the extract at hand, you can explore your own kind of Ultra Enhanced Indo. You can accomplish this by including an extract to your preferred kratom dosage, comprising around 10% to 20% of the overall weight. Through this, you can make your own alternative version of the enhanced kratom without causing explosive effects that are too powerful for frequent use.

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