The Top 5 Kratom Strains in the Market Today

By | June 7, 2014

Kratom enthusiasts time and time again call out on the best kratom strains sold by vendors today for their unique effects, strength, and overall complete experience. There are numerous factors that go into why certain kratom strains work better for some people including product quality, dosage, and tolerance. Nevertheless, there are strains of kratom that go beyond such detail, delivering quality effects to a number of users.

Top 5 kratom strains:

1. Maeng Da

maeng-daA rare strain known only in remote areas of Thailand, the Green Maeng Da has surged to be one of the most frequently used kratom strains online. Majority says it delivers a combination of long lasting powerful effects such as euphoria and pain relief. The experience is so potent that most vendors recommend only experienced users try it. Expect to also have a feeling of natural power and energy with the strain.

2. Red Bali

Red Bali KratomKnown as one of the ideal strains in the market, users have long praised the Red Bali kratom. The name originated years ago by farmers who had to travel from Borneo to Bali to have their products exported. The Red Bali is recommended for anyone who wants to feel completely relaxed. Kratom enthusiasts will feel their stress levels reduced significantly after using this strain. They’ll experience a smooth release of any anxieties that frequently occupy the mind. The Red Bali also provides an uninterrupted sleep because users feel relief from pain and relaxed muscles, producing a soothing effect.

3. “Indo”

Indo KratomLabeled as the head of all Indonesia premium kratom strains, the “Indo” offers a wide number of effects. This strain is known to be long lasting compared to other strains in the market. It triggers a natural feeling of reinvigorated energy that boosts confidence and eliminates social anxiety. The Indo is very similar to the Red Bali, but sometimes produces less euphoric effects.

4. Green Borneo

The Green BorneoThe Green Borneo is often referred as the strain that holds the best of both worlds. The strain is widely known to offer the most relaxing and energizing effects of the bunch. The Green Borneo provides astounding pain relief, complete mental focus, and the energy to take on any present task.

5. White Borneo

White Borneo Kratom

This “white Borneo” strain was frequently used by ancient civilizations as a powerful stimulant that made their day highly productive and pleasant. It offers clear energy, intense mental focus, high euphoria, and uplifts your mood.

Every strain has its own set of strengths, which depend completely on how or when you’d prefer to ingest it, and the specific effects you desire. It is easy for any person to examine its effects and therefore be able to choose the kratom that is right for them. It’s a matter of following the guidelines and observing the opinions from other users to see which products would work ideally for you.

You can play around with different kratom products and shuffle them to prevent from developing tolerance or addiction. Regardless of which ones you use, adhering to the required dosage enables you to enjoy the effects of each kratom without worries.