Review – My Personal Experience with This Vendor

By | August 20, 2018

This is my very own personal review of the website First off, id, like to say that I am not recommending the use of kratom and that kratom, is not used to treat, mitigate or cure any disease. This review is my own personal experience with this vendor as well as a bit of my story.


I have been a regular kratom user for over 4 years. I used it to kick a habit after a friend mentioned it to me and I’ve been a fan ever since.
Being in the kratom scene for a while, I have gotten the opportunity to try many different vendors. Most are pretty good but I’ve met a few bad apples along the way. I’ve tried most of the top guys and a lot of smaller guys as well. The smaller guys are hit and miss – sometimes you can get very high-quality kratom but run into problems with packaging and shipping. In this review, I will review my experiences with The Golden Monk.

As I stated above, finding reliable smaller vendors can be a challenge and a risk. Fortunately, the golden monk was perhaps one of the best smaller vendors I have tried.

I found this website online when looking for caps. I had never seen them before, so I decided to place an order for 500 caps to test them out. I would have ordered 250 caps however anything over $39.99 on this site applies for free shipping so I went with the higher amount. I did not see many reviews online, so I placed a smaller order for red maeng da capsules and waited to see.

One of my favorite things about this vendor right out the gate was the fact that they had credit card processing. Anyone who’s been buying kratom for a while knows that finding a medium too smaller vendor with reliable credit card processing is a challenge. On website I was able to use my Visa the first try with no issues. I got a receipt instantly from the company confirming my purchase.


I placed my order on Monday and I received my order processing email after I put in my card details. On Tuesday I received an order completed email with a USPS tracking number around Noon. My order arrived on Thursday afternoon and was in my mailbox. I was very impressed with the shipping speed of this company and they were on par with the bigger more established vendors I have used in the past. Overall their shipping I would rate a 5/5.


My order was packaged very neatly. It came in a yellow/brown envelope with no mention of kratom on the outside (which I was very happy with I hate when vendors put a kratom on the outside. The company name said “The Golden Monk”.
The product itself was packaged very professional. My capsules were in an outside paper bag with the label of strain I ordered. Inside the paper zipper bag was a high quality zip lock with my capsules inside.

I counted the capsules and I received 516 which was great. I ordered 500 so I was very happy with the added bonus. The capsules themselves were packed very nicely. There were no broken capsules and no lose capsules inside. If you don’t know, some of the smaller vendors have some janky capsules but I could tell that these guys invest a lot into their machinery or buy off one of the bigger guys due to the quality of the fill on the caps.


Lastly, the product 😊. The red maeng da capsules gave me a nice feeling on par with my top vendors. I have no complaints about the product and this comes from a seasoned kratom explorer. I took 8 caps total for my first test which equals about 4 grams of raw red maeng da powder. This is a lower dose than I usually take when I mix in raw powder into my protein shake, so I would say the quality of kratom from this vendor is excellent. So, in total ,I give the product quality a 5 out of 5 star rating.


Price is the last thing I will review about website. The product pricing was very reasonable. You get an exponentially higher discount when you order more caps but even 500 caps for $49.99 with free shipping is not unreasonable. For $169.99 I can order 2000 capsules which saves me $30 so I will be placing and order again for this amount. The prices for the website are defiantly at a bulk price and especially for their capsules. Their kratom powder price is cheaper than some of the bigger guys and they are competitive on that front too. Overall the pricing of this vendor I would give a 5/5 rating.

Conclusion is a reliable vendor with quick shipping, great packaging, excellent products and awesome prices. I would defiantly try out this vendor if you are looking for a reliable supplier with good kratom at a good price. I have no complaints and I would rate this vendor as the top or near the top of the smaller guys. They even competitive with some of the bigger guys. If you have any comments or feedback about these guys leave it below in the comments. I am interested to hear your guys experience with these guys.