The Changes From Coastal Kratom to Blue River Wellness

By | October 29, 2018

Coastal Kratom is now called, Blue River Wellness. They offer various kratom products that are sold in powder or coarse-grounded form. Aside from mitragyna products, they are also selling Blue Lotus products and a few other herbs.

Their base is in Charleston, South Carolina. They are among several kratom vendors that offer high-quality mitragyna products. They offer kratoms with distinct strains and blends for you to choose from.

You can also choose from a wide variety of kratoms that have different blends. You will notice that some of their kratom products are not as well-known.

The Changes From Coastal Kratom to Blue River Wellness

The previous Coastal Kratom website was not user-friendly. You would have had to scroll down to find the product that you were looking for. You would have had to read several product descriptions to get to the product that you want. You could only solve this problem by buying in bulk.

You could only add an item to your cart 1 oz at a time. If you wanted to buy in bulk, you could get products in 4 to 8 oz, and the discount for bulk buying was quite small.

In their present website, now known as Blue River Wellness, you will see that they have used a simpler design. On the home page, you will see an introductory description about Blue River Wellness. After scrolling down, you will notice that their best sellers appear first, so you can click on them right away if they are precisely what you are in search of.

Unlike before, Blue River Wellness’ website has certainly become more user-friendly. However, there is still no detailed product description posted in order for you to learn more information about each product. After clicking on a particular item, you will only see the name of the item, the price, weight, and disclaimer.

It seems like their website’s design and interface is now similar to most of their competitors’.

Previously, Coastal Kratom offered same-day shipping on weekdays and Saturdays if the order was received before noon on Eastern Time. Their first class shipping used to cost a flat rate of $4.00.

What was remarkable about their shipping services was that they kept your personal information safe. They shipped your items hiding their business name.

Currently, Blue River Wellness only ships products on weekdays while processing occurs daily from Monday to Saturday. They are still offering same-day shipping if the order takes place on Monday to Friday before noon EST.

Their first class shipping option still costs almost $4.00, which allows for your items to arrive within seven days. The priority shipping costing $6.29, allows for your product to arrive not longer than four days. The express priority option costing $21.99 can deliver your order right at your doorstep in two days.

Summary of changes in the current website:

  • Simpler web design
  • The shipping takes place from Monday to Friday
  • No long product descriptions
  • No more long scrolls to find your favorite item

Reviews of Some Items of Coastal Kratom

The Changes From Coastal Kratom to Blue River Wellness1

Bright Eyes Blend

The Bright Eyes Blend is a mixture of all the kratom strains (red, green, and white). There is balance in the mixture. Some users say that you might be able to feel the effects of all three strains.

However, the effects are still not as great as to be expected.

Hulu Kapuas

Many users say that the Hulu Kapuas is the most desirable product from Coastal Kratom. You will find that it is unique and rare. The product originated from a mature, red-veined kratom plant.

Premium Plantation Bali

If you are a beginner, the red vein strain is advisable because its effect is not as strong as the Premium Bali. However, you might not notice the difference in quality between the two.

Ultra-Premium Maeng Da

The Ultra-Premium Maeng Da is a white strain that is considered to be one of the most powerful among the strains offered. However, it is still not the most potent one.

Tropic Blast

Some people say that the name, Tropic Blast, is a misnomer. The effect you may experience is not quite as intense as its name implies.

Blue River Wellness occasionally changes the names of some of these products. In spite of the fact that the company has changed its name from Coastal Kratom to its current name, Blue River Wellness, the company has remained popular amongst their loyal customers due to the uniqueness of their products.

Moreover, their friendly customer service is also one of the company’s many perks.