Super Fun Cave: A Review of the Vendor

By | July 5, 2014

Super Fun Cave is one of the many well-known kratom vendors online that sell kratom extracts and other herbal items. They typically describe themselves as a source for premier adult products which include smokes and concentrate devices, novelties, and a wide collection of natural herbal medicines. You’ll spot popular brands such as Kaboom Kratom, PEP Kratom, Kratom Therapy, and Captain Kratom sold on their official site.

The internet-based store has gained numerous rave reviews from customers although they’ve been blacklisted by majority kratom review vendors.

Buying Kratom from Super Fun Cave

Super Fun CaveNo matter what your thoughts are of the vendor, their customer service or marketing strategies, one thing is clear: if you buy kratom from them, expect to pay a lot more compared to other quality kratom online shops. For example, they sell 4-gram packs of Captain Kratom (15x) powder for $32.00. The same pack of a generic 15x kratom sold in other stores is priced at $15.00. The store also sells its 15-gram Kratom Infusion Maeng Da powder for $30.00, while a similar generic product can be bought in other stores at a far lower price of $23.00 for 30 grams.

The main reason for the price difference has a lot to do for a fact that Super Fun Cave only delivers brand name kratom powders, tinctures, and extracts. These items will be more expensive if you were to buy kratom for its strain, grade, and weight. You’re basically paying for the brand and its marketing. Some customers end up being loyal to certain brands or a certain company although in the long run you’ll be spending more for the same kratom leaf.

Being Blacklisted by the Kratom Association

A known kratom site,, has an updated list of legit online kratom vendors that advises buyers and is practicing proper selling in the kratom industry. They’re a niche of more than 13,000 users and a critical part of the kratom community. The association blacklisted Super Fun Cave as an online vendor to stay away from. Their reason is based on the vendor’s promotion of kratom being a “legal high” and selling it with mimicking prohibited drugs.

We come to agree that demonstrating kratom as a legal high isn’t a proper marketing approach since it’s a natural healing plant. It encourages irresponsible behavior from buyers who may abuse it and making it likely for a ban to be implemented in the future.

The legal stand of kratom in the United States is questionable at present with multiple states considering it to be an illegal drug. Fighting to make it legal won’t be a big help for a group that associates kratom to be of legal high or combined with other chemically-altered drugs.

When you emphasize the natural benefits of the herb for alleviating pain and enhancing depression and anxiety in healthy manner, protecting kratom usage would be a lot simpler to understand. Most users who utilize the herb for mental and physical enhancements use it in safe doses to enhance their mental capabilities instead of the opposite. It should be deemed as a natural supplement and not related to other illicit drugs that are harmful and without medical upsides.

If you’re a kratom consumer, your choice to order kratom online from a vendor is actually a vote for that company’s marketing strategy and practice. But if negative talk concerning the herb is controlled by vendors like Super Fun Cave, it’s likely we’ll wake up in the near future to see kratom illegal in the United States. For such reasons alone, it is recommended for you to purchase kratom products from a vendor who sell natural botanical products and herbs instead of Super Fun Cave.