The Strongest Type of Kratom in the Market

By | June 14, 2014

When you’re seeking the most potent type of kratom, you’ll have to make a consideration as to where it grew, the process of harvest, and which preparation methods were utilized. Each kratom enthusiast should factor in the kind of experience they’re seeking including individual taste and biological tolerance. This personal approach will aid you in making the most of any herbal treatment you ingest. With that said, some of today’s strongest kratom strains have delivered results for all users. Here are some widely known favorites per category.

The leaves of the kratom tree, native to the temperate climate of Southeast Asia, are full of powerful natural compounds known as alkaloids. These substances communicate with the body to provide a range of valuable and pleasant effects, which give kratom its natural strength and power. The best and most common approach for users ingesting the alkaloids are by grinding the kratom leaves into powdered form and then eating them. As expected, no two powders are equal. Kratom plants from varying regions are known to provide varying effects. Some are energizing while others are calming and/or sedating.

maeng-daThere is one specific kratom plant, which stemmed from Thailand, known to offer the “best of both worlds.” As a matter of fact, the all-around power of the Maeng Da strain is so potent that it’s not recommended for new users to try. Arguably the strongest kratom today, Maeng Da is known to be the kratom leader for offering pain relief throughout the body. It can offer power euphoric feeling which can help to remove stress, anxiety, and worry.

In lower doses, Maeng Da is a powerhouse of energy and stimulation that most people use to add vitality to any working day. In higher doses, the herb has potent sedative qualities and is excellent for dealing with severe long term pain or alleviating panic attacks.

The power of an extract is measured by the content plant material needed to produce every gram. For instance, a “15x” rating would mean that 15 times of plant content was included to produce every gram of the extract. The biggest extracts are usually within the 15x to 20x range. Anything over that is nothing but false hype and unreliable. The most potent concentrated kratom can be observed in products with a 15x extract.

When buying kratom products with such concentration, it’s ideal to make changes to the dosage accordingly. Kratom has a number of “sweet areas” ranging within the threshold dosage and full amount that can be safely enjoyed. On higher dosages, the sedative mimicking properties of kratom will be so potent that a majority of users wouldn’t want to take any more. On higher dosages, the risk of going through mild effects such as nausea also increases.

Interestingly enough, such factors are usually what stops kratom overdose from happening. On higher dosages, continuous use of the product won’t be desirable. So it’s recommended for all kratom enthusiasts to remain within the dose guidelines for any kratom product, relative to the requirements of their bodies.

For powerful and conventionally produced powders such as Maeng Da, most people are completely happy with the effects that 1 to 3 grams can make. While experienced users will at times go for 5 to 6 grams for a stronger and prolonged effect, doses of more than 10 grams can cause side effects and addiction.