Reviewing Capsules and Powder from Organic Kratom

By | January 2, 2017

Organic Kratom is one of the many new online kratom vendors to have flooded the market ever since kratom began its popularity in the last several years. They provide a colorful site with useful information on their items. These include a complete background on kratom strains, effects, and dose recommendations.

No one knows where this company is headquartered or how long it’s been in operation. But for now, you’ll appreciate them for hiring a great website designer.

Products Available

First off, Organic Kratom only stocks kratom products and doesn’t feature other alternative remedies. Immediately, this sets off a red flag. With kratom which is becoming more popular in the past several years, a number of new sites have been sprawling left and right to cash in on the craze.

These sites usually have minimal or no history as well as very little knowledge of kratom and its effects. They could be just some shipping medium who brokered a deal with a large-scale supplier and found an approach to gain more profit off a product prior to reaching its buyers.Organic Kratom site

We’re not quite sure if this site falls in the same category. But sites that typically carry a complete line of alternative remedies from all over the globe aside from kratom are operated by individuals who know a lot about herbal medicines. This is the knowledge you should want for every product displayed.

With that in mind, Organic Kratom does seem to provide a lot of high quality products, and covering the typical range of strains hailing from Southeast Asia. But their kratom powders are only sourced from Malaysia and Thailand. The remaining are seen in extracts and capsules.

Descriptions of every product indicate thorough knowledge of what each plant does, but it seems there isn’t enough science provided by the claims.

In certain cases, Organic Kratom claimed to have visited growing kratom regions where kratom originated to show their firsthand knowledge while reassuring you of their secure quality products. Such claims feel legitimate and there’s no reason you can doubt them at all.

Pricing of Products

At present, there’s a limited selection of kratom powders with a majority of weight given in capsules. But when it comes to pricing per gram, the cost is on the same level as that of the other top kratom vendors.

Vendor Buyer Reviews

There’s one main issue seen on Organic Kratom’s site. There aren’t any consumer reviews to be seen over the internet. This makes new buyers suspicious since most established vendors have a number of pages written about them, their upsides and downsides, across buyer message boards.

There is an Organic Kratom Facebook page, but you’d be surprised to see that it only has several “likes” and without a single comment included in the page.

Maybe the site is still new to be receiving any reviews or buyer comments. But the thing is, Organic Kratom bills itself as America’s “number one kratom seller.” If such claim is deemed true, there would certainly be a lot of press regarding the company over the internet. As is, you’d be left in the dark as to the kind of details only real kratom buyers and enthusiasts can offer.

The Verdict

Organic Kratom’s site is very good with plenty of informative texts. A selection of their products seem to indicate quality items, although there’s not much powders to choose from. Unfortunately, little confirmation from the online kratom community hinders us from recommending and buying kratom from the site. Maybe in the future, genuine buyers will finally chime in with trusted ratings, letting the world know if the site is true or not.