Review of Kratom Forest and Its Products

By | January 2, 2017

Kratom Forest is just one of the many kratom vendors devoted to selling kratom products without frills. The thing is, consumers would want those same “frills” such as complete item descriptions and bargain deals. Without any of these, it makes it very challenging to observe the items sold at a high price.

A plethora of kratom online vendors has made a splash in the last several years as part of the bandwagon in support of this beneficial alternative remedy. But the thing is, not all have done the right approach to represents their items properly.

Items Offered from Kratom Forest

Visitors who make their way to the Kratom Forest homepage will be offered a wide selection of images of kratom products available. Arranged in similar plates, the products represent some strains and locations we’re all too familiar with. These include Thailand, Borneo, and Bali. There are also an abundant number of items with unknown brand names.

When clicking to see further information on these products, we’re only given short marketing phrases from “most-potent kratom ever!” to “the best thing ever!” to “wow!” It would have been nice if they’re all real, but no kratom enthusiast would consider purchasing a product with just little or no descriptions.

Comparing Kratom Forest’s minimal descriptions with other reputable vendors today, and you’ll see a noticeable difference. It’s one main reason a lot of buyers are suspicious with Kratom Forest.

Buying Kratom Products

The online vendor provides a majority of its products in large bulk such as in half kilogram or one quarter of a kilogram, with most of their items surpassing the $100 to $200 line. Some have scaled as high as $400 per kilogram. This may seem like a worthwhile deal, but then again, it would have been a benefit if we knew the complete contents of the product. As expected, you’ll be playing a risky guessing game with their products.Kratom Products

Kratom Forest does offer some known kratom strain items in small amounts at affordable prices. But some descriptions of the items are very minimal. To give a real analysis of the cost, it would have been beneficial if the vendor would treat its consumers like grown ups and inform them the contents of the products they’re putting out. Sites are lacking even the basic details lead to kratom not being taken into serious consideration in the kratom and medical community.

Kratom is meant to be highly effective and safe, but with minimal revelations, we can only conclude that the vendor is definitely concealing something.

Reviews of Kratom Forest

On every listing on their site, there’s a place where users can leave star ratings and feedback. This would be very useful given the lack of information offered by the vendor. The area for reviews is blank. Not only in one page, but across the whole site. Not a single item has been given a rating or stars. This inspires us to believe that there is either no enough motivated buyer to offer their feedback nor the site was quickly put together, and in no way a member of the online kratom community.

Without any reviews to go on, we have no idea what a buyer reaction is of in any product. Therefore, it’s impossible to recommend Kratom Forest to anyone.

The Verdict

Even though the vendor doesn’t appear to sell legitimate items, we have no clue as to what the products really are, such as where it was originally grown, its actual value, or particular dosage strengths. There’s also a very limited selection of kratom tinctures, capsules, and extracts available. This isn’t acceptable, especially in a community where legit herbal remedies are being sold. In a nutshell, buying anything from Black Forest is a big financial risk not worth taking.