Review of Coastal Kratom

By | January 1, 2017

Coastal Kratom is a relatively new company headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina. They happen to be one of the many kratom vendors that sell quality kratom powder with an excellent sense of ideal blends and strains in stock. Each of their products features proper descriptions that include product origin and expected effects. They have over a dozen kratom variants available which consist of house blends and several lesser-known kratom products. The online kratom vendor has several pages dedicated to the history of the herb, and other useful details.

Site Appearance and Product Purchase

The online kratom vendor site layout could use some improvement. While it may seem sufficient aesthetically, the main site page for their products is set up in a traditional endless scroll manner prompting the user to look through the long descriptions to find their desired item. The Bulk Purchase page may have answered such issue, but the page on its own is not that necessary really.

Items displayed on the primary product page can only be included in the cart by 1 oz. units. Meanwhile, the Bulk Purchases page mostly sells products in 4 oz. and 8 oz. units. There isn’t a whole lot of “bulk” to such amounts and the slashed prices for bulk buys is almost non-existent.


The online vendor claims they do same-day shipping for orders from Monday to Saturday before noon (Eastern Time). They offer a flat shipping fee of $4.00 on First Class Shipping — highly competitive compared to other online kratom stores. They also promise to keep personal information private and have your items shipped in discreet package while concealing their company name.

Item Reviews

Coastal Kratom has intrigued a lot of visitors with their kratom variations. Their popular products include the Bright Eyes blend, the Tropic Blast, the Premium Plantation Bali, the Hulu Kapuas, and the Ultra-Premium Meng Da. When these were purchased in the same day, it took three days to receive the package within the U.S. The packages came in unmarked with the products remaining intact. The weight was accurate on the purchased kratom powders.

  • Bright Eyes” Blend

This particular kratom powder has a combination of red vein, green vein, and white vein kratom. Coastal Kratom says such blend is capable of “holding on its own” with other strains. The blend is indeed well balanced but with some aspects missing. It’s agreed that the effects of all three variants were noticeable but they’re weren’t as pronounced as expected. It may require a few tweaks to improve such blend.

  • Tropic Blast

This particular strain came with an interesting description leading many to believe it’s worth trying. In the end, it was not what we expected from red vein kratom. While its name is catchy, it’s not as effective as we’d thought it to be.

  • Premium Plantation Bali

This red vein strain is said to be famous and a recommended choice for those seeking to try kratom for the first time. That may seem like one of the less effective Premium Bali kratom in the market. It is assumed that the reason for the item to be a good starting point for amateurs is due to a new user’s inability of distinguishing the difference between mediocre and excellent kratom quality.

  • Hulu Kapuas

This strain is said to be “rare and unique” since it’s harvested directly from mature kratom plants. So far, this red vein kratom was by far most preferable from the vendor. It became a standout compared to other latest red-veins in the market and were indeed effective.

  • Ultra Premium Maeng Da

This white vein strain is more powerful compared to other kratom strains and blends from the vendor, but what we didn’t agree was the item being more potent than other strains. While it’s a Maeng Da, it became a big disappointment since it never lived up to its hype.


Coastal Kratom will likely hold its ground in the kratom industry as a result of its unique strain offerings and by being customer-friendly kratom vendor. The flat shipping fee is a huge plus although not having any discounts for bulk purchases have led us to believe that the vendor may not be for repeat buyers. If you’re buying kratom from this store, it’s advisable to go for their unique strains for the sake of personal experience and straying away from their Meng Da as much possible.