Review of Mayan Kratom

By | January 3, 2017

Mayan Kratom is one of the few kratom vendors in the world with a struggling history in the kratom community. Based on their own numbers, they say they’re one of the leading vendors that sell Kratom in the U.S. They also consistently stocked by respected retailers that include Kratom-K and in numerous local head shops and kratom stores.

However, the owner’s criminal background of the vendor along with the latest legal rumor prompted the kratom community to raise questions on some of the vendor’s marketing and distribution practices. They’ve also blacklisted by the Kratom Association forum, which labels a list of legit vendors for kratom users.

What Mayan Kratom Is About

The vendor claims it is selling FDA compliant natural supplements that feature pure and organic kratom. Little else information is known of the vendor that tells us the quality of their products. There’s no information on their site in terms of source, strain, harvest grade, or vein color of the leaves.

We believe that every kratom seller should inform you of the sources and vein color of the products before you make a buy. As experienced users indicate, such information is critical since varying strains can have varying properties that lead to different kratom experiences.

But the downside is, Mayan Kratom sells only alone generic name leaf at an average price of $25.00 per ounce. The selection you’re stuck with is between buying capsules or crushed leaves — roughly twice than what you can expect to pay for other kratom items. Bali Kratom or Premium Indo will typically sell around $11 to $12.00 per ounce. Only very high potent strains like the Maeng Da can have a selling price above $20.00 per ounce.

Mayan Kratom’s CEO

The majority of the press surrounding the company is Wesley Todd, Mayan Kratom’s current Chief Executive Officer, who made it his goal to market kratom as a safer medicinal alternative to prescription pain medications.

In a recent post, he talked about being in immense pain after a road accident and becoming dependent on pain meds. Todd said he was worried about the potential side effects and cost of pain meds until he found kratom and giving it a try. Since then Todd never laid a hand on prescription pain killers as “kratom saved his life.”

While many would certainly appreciate his success story, the scrutiny of his company amplified when it found out that Todd was a convicted felon – having been charged and found guilty in several criminal acts including grand theft.

Since Todd’s criminal history unearthed, a majority of buyers from online kratom forums began buying kratom products elsewhere and abandoned patronizing his business.

Lucky Kratom and its Controversy

Other issues with Mayan Kratom ascended quickly from a close assassination attempt against the CEO of the Lucky Kratom brand. While such issues are still being dragged into court, most members of the kratom community are wondering whether this public revelation while significantly damage the brand of the herb.

Most users know that the kratom benefits everyone since it’s a natural mentally reviving substance with restoration qualities for pain, mental focus, and mood. However, the media’s depiction on the herb is of it being a harmful opiate high — which are far off from the facts. There’s a belief from users in the online kratom community that the Mayan Kratom created a bad marketing image for itself and its CEO.