Review of Kratom XL and Its Products

By | January 2, 2017

There are several kratom vendors over the internet carrying the Kratom XL brand name. It’s still not clear if this is actually a trademark branding or just a description utilized randomly by a number of sources to depict varying product types. For such reason, each consumer should be cautious when buying kratom from over-hyped brands such as that of Kratom XL.

It’s important to never lose sight of what a true kratom is: a leaf that has been growing in the jungles of Southeast Asia for centuries. Real kratom isn’t produced in a factory; thus brand names shouldn’t carry any weight as it’s nothing but a marketing campaign. It’s also certainly not a quality indicator.

Effects of the Kratom XL

When looking into Kratom XL, it was surprising to know that the primary producer and seller of the product is actually utilizing the herb for gym workouts. It’s indeed a surprising twist on marketing the popular alternative remedy, which appeared way before the first dumbbell was ever made.

Kratom benefits people in a lot of ways, especially for those who live an active lifestyle. The more energy-enhancing strains increases muscle response and motivation, pushing you forward to go hard for anything, whether it’s in the gym or the field. Relaxing strains offer a reverse effect, aiding you to calm down after a strenuous activity.kratom xl

Regrettably, the kratom products shown on this site seem to have unknown qualities. No information is shown on how or where the products were sourced from. It seems that there’s almost no knowledge of the actual history, usage, culture, chemistry of the herb. Nothing else is offered, and the few Kratom XL product versions on sale have been re-branded with an all-too-simple labelling.

Product Pricing

Kratom XL only comes in the form of a capsule. The standard pricing appears to be an average of $30.00 for a pack of 20 capsules. This basically doubles the amount you’d pay for a similar sized bottle of capsules from a reputable and trusted kratom vendor.

The ridiculous overpricing of the Kratom XL items seems to be on the same page with the rest of their site, as well as their concept. This is generally bad for such negative pricing will turn away a lot of consumers, who would have benefited from the herb, but not wanting to pay high pricing for a site that hardly feels authentic.

Consumer Reviews of Kratom XL

Basically, reviews of the site and its products are easily dismissed by the kratom community. This isn’t exactly snobbishness since experienced kratom enthusiasts are keen on informative and serious discussions of the herb.

With that in mind, many are questioning if Kratom XL does indeed work. The answer appears to be a hit or miss. Since it’s not completely clear where the strains or products are sourced from, consumers are left to make a risky guess on the dose and how to set up other conditions per session. Some have reported adequate effects from certain XL items while others dismiss the idea. By not being able to make precise dose calculations, effects are scattered. But one thing is certain: not a single consumer review utilizing the XL product mentioned anything of the herb as an enhancing component for workouts.

The Verdict

Kratom XL failed to offer itself in a serious manner that is respectful to the history or community concentrating on kratom. With sky high pricing and a puzzling site, there’s no way to recommend it to others. Your cash would be spent a whole lot better by going to a popular and reputable online kratom store showcasing honest kratom items, which are directly sourced from the rainforests of Southeast Asia.