Review of the Kratom Vendor: Kratom-K

By | December 31, 2016

Kratom-K Warning Please Read:

Do not buy from Kratom-k. I used to have a positive view on the company but it has since changed. Their products are ok and prices decent but their customer service is very bad and they will scam you if they get a chance. I will never do business or order their products again. I write about kratom on this website and get a very small amount of affiliate income. I used to promote Kratom-K but they stole from me and deleted my account when I protested (thinking they can steal with no repercussions). I will not do business with them again.

You can decide for yourself. Like I said, products and prices ok but I have since moved to promoting Kratom Underground (see link on right or above).  Their products are solid and they actually reward their customers and back everything with a quality guarantee. Since moving to them everything has been excellent and customer feedback is awesome. They don’t have the selection of kratom-k but you shouldn’t be buying the branded junk anyway. With Kratom Underground, you get quality bulk kratom powder which is hands down the best way to go. Case and point, AVOID KRATOM-K. They are bad for the kratom industry. You can continue to read my review below (wrote it before the falling out with the company)

Kratom-K has been a main destination for users looking to order kratom online. The company, currently based in California, made themselves known by offering a diverse marketplace of known kratom extracts sold today. Even though their non-branded kratom powders and capsules are a little more pricey than other sellers, they have a far wider selection of kratom products and strains compared to other online stores. Reviews in terms of customer service and quality have also been consistent.

Review of Kratom-K

Kratom-K is a botanical retailer currently handled by Nine2Five LLC, currently headquartered in Oceanside, California. Their model seems to function in an Amazon-like hub when it comes to selling kratom items by uniting different brands, leaf types, extracts and consumer reviews. You can also buy natural herbs which include, Salvia, Kava Kava, Moe, and Ayahuasca. They’re known for free shipping on orders above $75.00 and utilizing BitCoin as the primary payment medium.Review of Kratom-K

The vendor’s list of kratom strains is very extensive and there are variations available that you may not be able to find elsewhere. They offer several Bali kratom strains including White, Red, and Green Borneo strains, three kinds of Maeng Da, Green Malay, Sumatran strains, and Thai/Vietnam/Riau kratom leaves. They also have numerous blends, a plethora of kratom extracts which include UEI, Golden Reserve, liquid tinctures, 20x resin, and even kratom tea bags.

You can also buy a number of their top selling kratom brands which include Kratom Infusion, Captain Amsterdam, and Kratom Theraphy as well as extracts like Club 13 and White Rabbit Kratom.

Buying Kratom and Pricing

The wide range of kratom choices is the main trademark of Kratom-K — with other vendors not even coming close to matching what Kratom-K has to offer.

They occasionally add in new sellers and stock to prevent consumers from getting bored. Pricing across the board are in the same line with other online vendors, although if you’re not interested in big name kratom brands and want to go for a simple powder of leaf, you can typically find worthwhile deals if you’re willing to look around extensively. With that said, there are some strains for which the vendor offers more affordable prices compared to other online sellers.

There’s one criticism to raise regarding the vendor, which has something to with the fact that they carry and market their products as legal highs rather natural health supplements. This is likely a criticism of marketing strategies from branding of kratom vendors rather than a straight reflection of Kratom-K’s philosophy.

Basically, it would be more preferable if this site and others didn’t stock such products and specifically those sold by Mayan Kratom and Lucky kratom in order to shield the image of the herb. These ex-companies are currently owned and managed by a criminal and a person recently charged for an alleged homicide plot pursued by a previous owner of the company. The kratom industry would’ve been far better off if these vendors weren’t associated with the reputation of users.

To Conclude

As a whole, if you do end up deciding to purchase kratom extracts or powders from kratom vendor Kratom-K, you can be assured of a legit company with fans from all over the globe. The products they bring are seen as high quality while being priced fairly. Furthermore, they’ve created a reputation for swift shipping times and consistently positive buyer transactions.