A Review of Kratom Therapy

By | January 1, 2017

Kratom Therapy offers a hippy-like influence that makes it unique compared to other online kratom vendors. The messages and design of their site has a relaxed influence while emphasizing on varying aspects of kratom use and holistic health. This is a breath of fresh air from other cash-grabbing site we’ve seen a lot lately, which seem to be pushed by businessmen instead of actual kratom devotees.

Quality of Products Offered

Kratom Therapy’s basic philosophy seems to concentrate on few quality kratom items instead of a bigger set of selection. Currently, they have only 4 kratom strains we’re very familiar with, including one that’s still a complete mystery: the Superior Red Dragon Kratom.kratom strains

While such philosophy appears credible on paper, it’s sometimes an instance that an online seller who can’t offer a wide selection will try to give a twist of their limited product availability as a benefit. The thing is, experienced online shoppers aren’t easily fooled by this one any longer. For every passing month, we’re used to be given a wide range of choices. Basically, we have the online world at the tip of our fingers and no justifications can be made for selling limited stocks.

Even if Kratom Therapy’s main focus on natural health should be given praise, the limited product selection doesn’t back it up. There’s one aspect of being devoted to kratom plants like Kratom Therapy, but it’s another complete aspect when it comes to providing a huge selection of actual herbal remedies. When it comes to online kratom seller competition, other trustworthy store fare is a little better.

Pricing of Available Products

Regrettably, going the holistic route doesn’t apply to the vendor’s pricing. On average, the cost of their limited product selection is a several times higher per ounce. And that’s across the board. For instance, they sell a Bali kratom powder at $16.00 per ounce, while other reputable sites sell the exact same product at just $13.00 per ounce.

One would assume that having less variety would, at the very least, make up in lower pricing for buyers. But the sad part is, it doesn’t.

Consumer Reviews of Kratom Therapy

There’s one aspect in which Kratom Therapy receives praise from consumer reviews. By providing sample packs of their limited kratom strains, the online vendor has gained the trust of some fans. Potential buyers love the option to give small samples of every variety a try before making a choice as to which product to order kratom online as well as the right amount to settle for.Kratom Therapy

Of course, kratom enthusiasts can’t help but assume this popular since normal prices are sky high, prompting individuals to hesitate on making a full order. With that said, the per-dosage cost for sample packs turns out to be way higher than expected.

But on the other hand, visitors have responded well to the vendor’s dealing with kratom as an alternative medicine and not a legal high or some new party drug.

Regardless if their product pricing is competitive or not, it’s a good indicator that there are online vendors out there who protect and respect the items they’re selling. The best way to respect an alternative medicine like kratom is to concentrate on providing the highest product quality possible. Essential details such as packaging content and vendor philosophy are close to the point.

The herbal movement will increase as higher quality and effective items are accessible to people. There’s no replacement for this regardless of how it’s skillfully worded.

The Verdict

Users are saying Kratom Therapy has a unique concept that somewhat comes short upon execution. Many think that other reputable and trustworthy sites are way more representing when it comes to dealing and buying kratom compared to Kratom Therapy’s word play. In addition, utilizing varied kratom choices isn’t completely limited from progressive ideals. As a matter of fact, they should easily go hand in hand.