Red Vein Thai – A Relaxing & Sedative Strain

By | May 10, 2014

red vein thai leaf

The Thai red vein strain of kratom has become quite popular over the years. This strain gets its name from the red veins in the leaves. It is also grown and harvested primarily in Thailand, hence the name. Other names for this strain include: red Thai and red Thai kratom.

This specific kratom strain has more sedative effects than other strains. It is a great strain for those looking for more relaxing properties. The red vein Thai strain also has some very positive mood-brightening effects not as common in some of the other strains.

So basically, if you are looking for a specific strain of kratom that is very relaxing and sedating, this one may be for you. This is why red vein Thai kratom has become increasingly popular over the years.

Red Vein Thai Benefits

Red Vein Thai is the second most popular strain of red vein type products. Red vein Bali is an even more popular and sedative than red vein Thai. The Thai red vein strain of kratom is still extremely popular and it will remain to be one of the most popular and best-selling of all the sedative types of kratom. Below is a list of common red vein Thai benefits.


This is a very relaxing strain and it is good for winding down and relaxing. Do not expect a large stimulant effect from this strain because you will be disappointed.

Mood Brightener

Although most strains of kratom generally have mood enhancing properties, this specific type is said to be very good at increasing mood. It may help to temporarily alleviate depression and work to increase pleasure in certain activities. It should not be used as a depression treatment and is not a long term solution so use with care.

Sleep Aid

The red vein Thai strain is an excellent sleep aid. Since it does not have stimulating properties, and works as a relaxant, this type of kratom works excellent for sleep. Next to red vein Bali, it is perhaps one of the best types of improving sleep.

Pain Reliever

The red vein Thai strain may be a great pain reliever. It is thought to be more potent than other types of kratom at reducing pain. Therefore, this type of kratom may be an excellent and natural alternative to over-the-counter and prescribed pain drugs.

Length of Effects

Another excellent benefit of red vein Thai is that it has rather long effects when compared to other strains of kratom. This is an exceptional property especially for those looking to use it for pain relief or as a sleep aid.

red vein thai powder

Red Vein Thai Side Effects

Like all different types of kratom, red vein Thai carries some warnings and precautions to be mindful of. Even though it is considered “less strong” does not mean it cannot build up tolerance and cause problems.

You should avoid taking too much red vein Thai kratom. A popular dosage for this as a powder is 2-7 grams. Be mindful of the supplier you get the product from. Some will be much higher than others and may contain higher levels of alkaloids. This may change the potency of each product and therefore the effects. This is why it is essential to start low and increase as needed.

Using too high of a dosage of red vein Thai and any other strains of kratom can cause dizziness and nausea. These are perhaps the two most common side effects. This is why the advice stated above about dosage should be followed.

More advanced side effects can occur when using higher dosages of the product or mixing it with other opiate substances. You should not mix red vein Thai with alcohol or opiates to avoid potential serious side effects.
Another thing to consider when using kratom is the specific addictive potential. You should not use kratom consecutively for more than 3 days and the best way to avoid tolerance is to use the product less than twice a week. If you find yourself increasing the dosage, it may be an indication that you should stop. If you get addicted to red vein Thai kratom, you may find yourself experiencing unpleasant withdrawal symptoms which may include: difficultly sleeping, sweating and mania to name a few.