Relaxative and Analgesic Effects of Red Kalimantan Kratom

By | June 23, 2014

One of the most well known kratom variants on the globe is the Red Kalimantan strain; it has consistently been named as one of the most relaxing strains for a number of years. This naturally growing strain is a variant of the Mitragyna speciosa tree, which is indigenous to the Southeast Asian island of Borneo. It’s known to provide a sophisticated and prolonged sedating effect. Regardless of their previous kratom experiences or background with the herb, a majority of users reported having pleasant experiences after ingesting the product. Users can find the Red Kalimantan Kratom strain on most kratom stores online, all sourced directly from Borneo.

For years kratom trees have made their home in the forests of Borneo. This isn’t a small island paradise nor is it a new land added in our planet. In fact, Borneo is the biggest island in Asia and the third biggest island in the world. The island’s rain forest is over a hundred million years old. The beautiful setting possesses thousands of tree species, one of which is the kratom plant. There’s no confirmation on how long kratom trees have been growing on the island, but humans have been utilizing the leaves for medicinal uses dating back to over thousands of years ago.

Red Kalimantan KratomIndividuals today who have been using and buying kratom of this strain are doing so for the same reason that old cultures have been using it for thousands of years. This particular strain is popular for keeping the body, mind, and spirit calm and relaxed. It can be used to address some of today’s known health problems, which include depression, fatigue, anxiety, chronic pain, hypertension, and scoliosis. Red Kalimantan Kratom powder can also be utilized when there aren’t any serious health problems to address. Most individuals benefit from the comprehensive qualities of the product and find that it significantly enhances their appreciation for life.

But how does the Red Kalimantan work? The leaves of such particular kratom are very dense with natural-producing compounds known as alkaloids. These highly active substances make way into the bloodstream after ingesting the Red Kalimantan kratom. They communicate with receptors within the body, and then relay messages to the sympathetic nervous system. Through this, the plant is capable of reducing blood pressure, relax muscles, and eradicate anxiety and stress. The effects tend to last for hours and will naturally soothe the user — without force or any artificial means.

But of course, everyone is unique and doses will likely vary from one user to another. With a quality product like the Red Kalimantan, even a dosage as little as a gram can lead to a threshold effect. This can push to a mild and light experience. A majority of users enjoy a dosage within the 3 to 5 gram range. This is an ideal level to begin with and should lead to a nice calming effect for a few hours.

Like all of today’s kratom powders, a higher dosage will lead to more relaxing effects. Experienced kratom users can go for 5 to 10 grams. But on the higher range, you may experience sleepiness leading you to not cater to activities requiring energy. So it’s important to schedule a part of your day made for complete relaxation.

Red Kalimantan capsules are widely known by a number people from different backgrounds. Today, our days are filled with different types of tensions and stress; whether it involves work, family, or intimate relationships, such activities can make us feel anxious and strung out. The Red Kalimantan is one of the most ideal kratom products available today that does a great job in calming you down.

Adding to the benefits of the product, you also don’t have to travel halfway around the globe to Southeast Asia to get a taste of the product’s kratom benefits. The Red Kalimantan kratom can be bought safely and legally over the Internet in your country. Without going through customs, you can have it shipped to your home in just a couple days.