How to Prevent Kratom Tolerance?

By | June 7, 2014

When ingesting kratom, it’s essential to adopt the right strategy to prevent from developing a kratom tolerance to the herb’s effects. Kratom tolerance can lead to a usage over what is normally needed to gain the preferred results. When your body starts to develop decreased sensitivity to kratom, you may feel the desire to increase your dosage, which can lead to kratom addiction. If you let such trends continue, you could end up creating withdrawal symptoms or other unwanted side effects. There are effective ways that you can use to stop kratom tolerance from even developing: you can instantly adjust your dosage and make use of other kratom strains.

Often times you’ll hear experienced kratom users talk about the “Stagnant Strain Syndrome.” This syndrome basically refers to the effects of ingesting a single or a combination of kratom strains for a prolonged period. Every strain has its own combination of active ingredients that sets it apart from other strains and after some time, this can lead to tolerance and a reduced efficiency of the strain. For Stagnant Strain Syndrome prevention it is recommended to make a habit of switching between different kratom strains, exposing you to different alkaloid types. For instance, if you choose to use a highly energized type of kratom, you may only pick Maeng Da since it’s labeled as one of the many powerful kratom strains available. Instead of switching to a higher dose when the effects don’t seem as powerful anymore, it would be optimal to cycle with another kratom strain such as the Malay, White Vein Borneo, or the Vietnam kratom.

Special Offer 3It is a good idea to buy kratom fusions or kratom blends with your kratom, which help to mix varying strains all at once. Some like to combine with one of the higher sedating strains to create an all-around set of effects. You may need to have several strains on hand instead of using them randomly to prevent your receptors from developing sensitivity to specific kratom strains. Utilizing varying kratom products from reputable stores, will not only fight off tolerance or the occasional Stagnant Strain Syndrome, but can also be a fun way to experiment with different combinations.

There are plenty of steps you can take to prevent kratom tolerance. A recommendation to first time users is to only use powders or crushed kratom leaves instead of the extract versions. Kratom extracts tend to feature higher alkaloid content and usually utilize only one strain. This leads to a higher chance of experiencing tolerance or developing Stagnant Strain Syndrome. Therefore beginners should avoid using extracts altogether to reduce kratom tolerance.

It is recommended to set up a schedule and utilize kratom based on this schedule. It’s never recommended to take kratom more than two days per week, so set up your schedule to include kratom usage only for a couple of days in the week. Also, try to keep within the minimal dosage as much as possible. Utilizing these tips will help contribute to reduced tolerance and an overall enjoyable kratom experience.