Must-Know Information for Beginners About the Red Indo Kratom

By | January 2, 2019

Indonesia is currently the biggest kratom exporter. Indonesian kratom has grown abundantly in the country because they have a favorable climate for growing the plant. There is an equally distributed rainfall, enough sunlight, and ideal humidity in Indonesia, which makes it the perfect place to grow kratom.

A lot of kratom strains can be found in Indonesia like the red, green, and white varieties. However, the best-selling strain is the Red Indo Kratom or the Red Vein Indo.

This strain comes from Mitragyna Speciosa’s leaves and grows in Indonesia’s old forests. It is a similar kratom species, but its red veins make it different from others. You can see those red features just by looking at the leaves of the plant.

What are the alkaloids that can be found in Red Indo Kratom?

Must-Know Information for Beginners About the Red Indo Kratom

Most red vein kratoms contain more than the average level of mitragynine, and one of those kratoms is the Red Vein Indo. This alkaloid is famous for having the natural remedy for pain and can also boost a person’s mood.

In general, a kratom leaf has more than 25 alkaloid content, and those naturally-forming phytochemicals are found in the leaves and veins. There might be alkaloids that can be found in the stem of the kratom leaf, but they cannot give you the same benefits. Therefore, you should ensure that you will purchase kratom powders that were made using kratom plant’s leaves and veins, without the leaves’ stem.

What is the accurate dosage for the Red Vein Indo?

If this is your first time in using Red Vein Indo, make sure that you will observe extra caution in calculating the dosage. The dosage can be adjusted whether higher or lower, but beginners should start using it at the lowest dosage.

Based on the experiences of kratom users, the recommended dose for a first-time user of Red Vein Indo is 1 to 3 grams. With that dose, a beginner can already begin experiencing the effects of this kratom strain. You can increase the dosage by 500mg every after one hour.

The average dose of the Red Indo Kratom powder is between three to five grams. For those individuals who are using kratom for quite a while or have high tolerance, they can use up to 8 grams of kratom powder. However, you should not exceed 8 grams.

It is advised that you use kratom in moderation. If you think you need to adjust the dosage, you must let your body tell you whether to increase or decrease it.

How is this strain different from other red vein strains?

The Red Indo Kratom has more mitragynine than other red vein kratom variants. This specific alkaloid is very beneficial for relieving pain and relaxation.

Mitragynine is kratom’s overall active compound that can serve as a natural analgesic and block your brain’s pain receptors. Moreover, this strain has the strongest leaf cellular walls, which make your body take more time in metabolizing it. As a result, you will not feel its effects immediately, and it might take quite a while, but those effects will also stay longer compared to other strains.

Many people are comparing Red Vein Indo and Red Bali to each other. Aside from the comparisons that these two strains receive, many people are also confused by these two. You should know that these two are two completely different strains, especially with their effects.

According to kratom users, Red Bali has a more sedative effect than Red Vein Indo. If you use Red Bali, you will feel inactive and more lethargic. But if you use it at a high dose, it can give you a feeling of euphoria – a feeling that you will not experience when using Red Vein Indo.

It is more likely that you will experience nausea when using Red Bali. Another difference with the Red Indo Kratom is that it can give you better focus, an ability to process and think, and a clearer mind. Red Bali can only provide excessive stimulation to its users.

The soothing effect of the Red Indo Kratom is best experienced just before you relax. It is recommended that you schedule low-impact actions like nature appreciation, listening to music, and catching up with friends. This strain is easy to find and is also called the Indonesian Gem.