Is Mixing Kratom with Alcohol Considered Safe?

By | June 12, 2014

Is it considered safe to combine kratom and alcohol? Or are there any harmful side effects that can happen if both these mood influencing components are mixed together? This is a concern that frequently appears on kratom blogs and forums, but getting a substantial answer is difficult. This leaves kratom enthusiasts to gather reports of experiences from other users.

When it boils down to the frequently asked question of the safety regarding the combination of alcohol and kratom, all we see are divided user reports. Basically, they fall in two categories:

  1. Consuming alcohol in moderation with kratom improves its effects leading to prolonged and deeper results. Enthusiasts observe such potentiality to be acceptable.
  2. Consuming alcohol prior or after ingesting kratom lessens the effects which lead to light side effects which include headaches and nausea. It can also potentiate to hangover.

But who can you believe? It’s too obvious there are a number of factors that come into play which influences how every individual will respond to any herbal treatment. Overall health, metabolism, weight, and what was consumed before are some of the many considerations. So basically, both sides of the debate are equal — leaving us without a complete and unified conclusion.

If we observe science and involve some common sense, the ideal answer is probably to avoid ingesting large alcohol quantities in conjunction with any kratom strain. Alcohol is considered a depressant, which means it’s a substance that slows down the neuro-transmission in the brain and decreasing capability of the central nervous system. Kratom, a plant that is abundant in Southeast Asian rain forests, can function as a depressant and a stimulant, depending on the kind of strain and dosage ingested.

Kratom with AlcoholIn highly extreme incidents, mixing several depressants places significant strain on the respiratory and nervous system. This isn’t possible with kratom on its own and very unlikely in any situation. But when going through the herbal remedy, it’s ideal to err in the side of caution and be responsible with your dosage especially if you’re new to kratom. It’s best to leave alcohol out and enjoy the natural, clean sensations that a quality kratom provides every time.

As opposed to several scary media reports, users buying kratom aren’t a group of reckless or out of control party goers. It’s the opposite — the herb is enjoyed by individuals from different aspects of life, every social, age, and economic demographic. So, the common rumor that kratom can get you high and enthusiasts as a group are vulnerable to irresponsible use in combination today’s stimulants is wholly unsupported.

As a matter of fact, a single common theme reported across all kinds of enthusiasts is that there’s little desire to mix kratom with other legal or illegal substances. The reason is because the natural plant is known for soothing the body’s receptors that hungers for opioids.

It’s also the main reason why kratom has been utilized for thousands of years as an approach to defeating hardcore drug addiction and their horrendous withdrawal process. It’s probably a similar mechanism that prompts the thought of alcohol entirely unfavorable to anyone enjoying its advantages. A majority of users are perfectly happy, enjoying the natural magic of ingesting kratom on its own.