Making Kratom Stronger via Potentiation

By | January 3, 2017

Do you have any idea on how potentiate kratom stronger to make it more potent while still attaining more kratom benefits from it? The answer may already be in the kitchen. Similar to nature, where animals, plants, and other environment elements help each other to thrive and expand, there are a number of foods and herbs that will increase the potency of kratom.

This increased potency is what we term as “potentiation.” It essentially means upping the potency and strength so you’ll require a small yet effective dose and feel profound results (without going through any kratom overdose). It’s also a procedure that facilitates potential, as indicated in the name.

Natural Foods/Drinks to Potentiate Kratom

Just as the growing kratom plant is carefully looked after by the tropical climate and rich soil of Southeast Asia, the herb can be enhanced through natural foods and drinks we eat daily.kratom-drinks

Here are some ways to increase the natural capabilities of one of the most natural supplements in the world–kratom:

  • Tumeric

Like all other foods, kratom enthusiasts claim they’ve gained a significant boost when turmeric is incorporated in their kratom routine. The Indian spice has been mentioned time and again to potentiate kratom’s known effects while extending the herb’s duration. Stock up on this item and keep this spice in mind the next time you’re at the grocer’s.

  • Grapefruit juice

This highly recommended potentiator has been a normal part of routine for experienced kratom users. It’s frequently combined with kratom in recipes to enhance taste or functions as a“chaser” where it’s swallowed as a powder off a spoon. Regardless if it’s conscious or not, grapefruit juice have been appreciated by users for extending the effects and duration of  kratom. It’s been mentioned that chewing grapefruit peel will also result to similar effects.

  • Cayenne pepper

This pepper is widely popular for its detoxing effects and for cleansing the body. It also spikes up the strength of kratom. Some enthusiasts prefer combining it with kratom powder. However, it’s important to sparingly use this unless you have an extreme tolerance to anything spicy.

  • Watercress

This hydrating lettuce has been proven to increase the effects of kratom. This is a result of its numerous mineral ingredients the lettuce possess.

Smart Potentiator Timing

A majority of these combinations won’t be effective if you took the potentiators at the same time with kratom or ingested them after finishing with kratom. It’s recommended to take any potentiating food, drink, or herb 30 minutes or so before ingesting kratom to attain maximum results. Expect a longer duration on any kratom per session.kratom stronger

Take note, it’s not really necessary to take more than one additive for every kratom session. Experienced users say one is more than enough and incorporating more than the desired amount won’t lead to any enhanced effects.

Mechanism of Potentiators

Many are wondering what the science is in potentiating kratom foods or drinks. In all instances, the potentiating substance functions by slowing down the body’s metabolism. Specifically, the goal is to slow the process of the cytochrome P450. Such enzyme is responsible for breaking down and eradicating kratom alkaloids once they enter your body. It makes perfect sense that any food that slows the process of this enzyme will make kratom effects last longer.