Maeng Da – A Powerful, Popular Stimulating Strain

By | May 26, 2014

The Maeng Da strain of kratom is known to be one of the most powerful strains of kratom available. Once a rarity, coming from very remote regions of Thailand, Maeng Da has risen to be one of the most popular strains available. This strain of kratom is known for having higher alkaloid content. It is known to have dark colored leaves that turn to extremely green color when crushed or ground. Maeng Da is also known for its’ powerful and distinct odor.

Known for its increasingly powerful mood enhancing effects and energy, many find the Maeng Da Kratom strain to be more stimulating than others. The effects of this strain are much different than others and many find them to be very powerful. It can often be compared to certain types of nootropics for its ability to make an user feel more awake, alert, and focused. Comparative to other strains, the Maeng Da strain actually tends to increase productivity and decrease fatigue.

maeng da

Maeng Da for Sale Online

Our favorite source to buy Maeng Da powder online is Kratom Crazy. This being said, there are tons of quality sources to pick on this popular strain online. Stay away from head shops and gas stations – generally these sources are much more expensive. As far as cost goes, buying this strain in bulk powder is your best bet.

Some vendors sell Maeng Da in as little small as 1 oz sample packs. Sample packs will run you as high as $25. Stay away from vendors charging $200 + a kg. We guarantee this a rip off and most of these vendors try to play it off as “premium” when all vendors usually pay between $20-$40 when buying in bulk from Indonesia.

If you are looking to buy Maeng Da capsules online is a great source. Just be prepared to pay a much higher price for the convenience. We always recommend to buy the bulk powder and do the capsules yourself. You can buy a small manual capsule online or from Amazon for $20-$30 and do quite a few capsules at once. Some people don’t mind paying a premium for pre-capped products but if you want to save money, brew Maeng Da tea, execute the toss n wash or encapsulate the products yourself.

Maeng Da Benefits

The Maeng Da strain has many benefits. Many experienced users will say that this strain is the highest quality, giving the best experience. It is known to be very stimulating which is why it is commonly blended with other more relaxing strains to balance it out.

Mood Enhancement

Maeng Da Kratom works great as a mood enhancer and will often put the user in a more positive mental state. Users can feel anywhere from completely content to full on euphoria depending on the person or dosage. Maeng Da increases enthusiasm and enjoyment of everyday activities and just puts you in an overall positive state of mind. These mood enhancement benefits are thought to be a result of interactions with the dopamine neurotransmitter.


Maeng Da is the most energizing strain of kratom. Many users complement its ability to help with focus and be more productive at work or while studying.

Although this strain is mainly know to be very energizing, if taken in larger amounts it can produce sedative effects.

Pain Reliever/Analgesic

Buy Maeng Da kratom online its a powerful stimulating strain but it also has analgesic qualities and is rated very highly for pain relief. It may be a great natural alternative to harsh opiate drugs like morphine. Some people even claim that this strain has similar effects to morphine and oxycodone at reducing pain without causing near as many side effects. You must never mix kratom with other opiate drugs as this can cause serious side effects and interactions.

Length of Effects

Most users report very long duration of effects which is great benefit of the Maeng Da strain to many people. This strain has a longer length of effects than other less stimulating strains. Most people report the effects of Maeng Da to last on average of 6-8 hours.

Maeng Da Side Effects

Although Maeng Da produces mostly positive feelings, there are side effects. These side effects are similar to ones of caffeine including feeling jittery, anxious, or irritable. This strain is not recommended for people looking to relieve anxiety or stress because it will most likely increase these feelings. Individuals looking to reduce stress or anxiety would benefit from a Red Vein strain, like Bali, Borneo or Thai. Other side effects may include dizziness, nausea, lightheadedness, sleeplessness, or lethargy. For first time users, it is recommended to start with a lower dose because it is such a powerful strain,

Another warning to consider with Maeng Da and other strains is the possible threat of addiction. While some consider, kratom’s addictive potential to be very low, there have been such reports. It has opiate like effects which can very quickly lead to tolerance and addiction. Withdrawing off Maeng Da has been compared to withdrawing off of caffeine. Common withdrawal effects may include: insomnia, irritability, depression and difficulty concentrating which may persist for a couple of days to weeks depending on the severity.

To avoid addiction from Maeng Da, be sure to follow recommended dosages and to not exceed using it for more than 2-3 days a week. Taking breaks and not increasing the dosage will reduce the chance of addiction and reduce any tolerance building up from this potent and powerful strain.