Does Kratom Show Up on Drug Tests: Should You Be Bothered?

By | November 14, 2018

Are you afraid to lose that job of yours because of kratom? Indeed, you might have thought that kratoms can show up on drug tests and can make the result positive. “Does kratom show up on a drug test?” has been keyed in quite often on search engines, and it looks like ordinary people do not have the answer to this question.

Elements of Kratom

Before we move on, we need to talk about the ingredient or substance that makes kratoms appear or look like a drug to some. Alkaloids are responsible for this question. Many drugs have this compound, and usually they are those that induce addictive capabilities such as morphine and the like.

Kratom has its own alkaloids, and each one of them is being labeled clearly on the packaging. This is very important for the customer’s safety and ownership information. It also makes it easier for authorities to see whether a product is good to be sold.

Does Kratom’s Alkaloids Qualify as Those From Drugs?

Apparently, no. Kratom’s alkaloids are different than those found in addictive drugs. Kratom usage before drug tests is entirely safe.

The reason for this is its plant source. Mitragyna Speciosa is historically known to be treated as drugs by some people. But this view has been recently changed because of a number of studies.

The alkaloids from the kratom affect the person perhaps the same as those from the drugs, but the effects are toned down. Although kratom can be considered as mini-drugs, it is still far to be called as a real drug. Hence, it doesn’t appear on drug tests.

How Long Does Kratom Stay in My Body?

Along with the question, “Does kratom show up on a drug test?” this is also one of the most searched questions on the internet. According to several studies and researches, kratom would likely to stay in someone’s body for a day. This is more than enough time for people who are to take a drug test to prepare for their test.

Is It Safe to Use Kratom Before a Drug Test?

Although it is already said that kratoms aren’t showing up on the results of drug tests, it is still suggested to take precaution on taking it before a drug test. Standard drug tests overlook the alkaloids of this product. In fact, the same thing happens in almost other drug tests.

There is no particular test for kratom users as it isn’t considered a drug. People might be wondering about this and to clarify, there is none. It has been a long time since authorities have considered kratom as a drug.

Here are several factors that affect the length of kratom’s effect in one’s body:

  •    Ancestors and genetics – Several people might be able to prolong or cut the duration of kratom’s presence in the body. Genetics and genealogy play a substantial role in this one. Several enzymes and genetic markers make it so; that people will have different reception of kratoms in their bodies.
  •    Diet – Taking kratom with an empty stomach will certainly increase its duration and effects. These effects might also become stronger than it should be when taken after a meal or with a full stomach. Eating a meal that is high on fat would hasten the kratom’s effect to kick in.

Water and hydration are also essential when taking any kind of kratom. If you always drink a lot of water, chances are the kratom would stay in your body for a long time.

  •    Age – The older you get, the more kratom can stay in your body. On the other hand, younger people tend to burn its effects much faster. Physical deterioration changes that come with age play a massive role when it comes to burning kratom in your body.
  •    Body fat content – Kratoms are known to be fat soluble which concludes that the more fats you have, the longer kratom would stay in your body. Now, this can be a blessing to some while not to others. For people who have little to no body fat, expect kratoms to be released by your body faster.

Kratoms can be a blessing in disguise because of its effects and benefits. However, the abuse of this product might lead to different accidents which no one really wants. It is advised to use products such as this moderately.