Kratom: A Plant for Preparation and Use

By | January 3, 2017

Kratom can be consumed in a number of ways. While utilizing kratom for tea is widely common, there are other methods to help you make the most of the natural and health-benefiting plant.

Kinds of Kratomkinds of kratom

There are several kinds of  kratom products sold by a number of kratom vendors today. These are in the form of powder, crushed leaves, tinctures, and in resin. Resin, tinctures, and powder are typically more potent than crushed leaves, but the strength of each product will largely depend on the quality and age where the plant is sourced from. Some kratom stores sell “commercialized leaves.” This means, the leaves are mixed together in varying qualities. These are ideal for creating your own extract.

You’ll also spot selected; quality kratom crushed leaves or powder available. These are typically higher in pricing, but you’ll end up taking less. It’s hard to determine which is ideal, but you can always go to a trustworthy store that can guarantee you quality kratom.

Kratom Doses

The dose of kratom will largely depend on the potency of kratom ingested. Typically, 5 to 10 grams of crushed leaves is enough for first-time users. Lower dosages are taken when ingesting kratom powder since they’re usually stronger than crushed leaves.3 to 5 grams is usually the adequate range for ingestion. The same manner is applied for resin.

Kratom isn’t an addictive substance, especially when utilized responsibility and not ingested more than twice a week. But the thing is, users frequently have a need to increase their doses over a certain period of time. This can lead to intolerance or kratom overdose.

Preparing Kratom

There are several methods of ingesting the herbal plant. You can chew the crushed leaves, sip them as tea, or even smoke them. Making tea is deemed as the easiest method of properly ingesting kratom.

There are several ways of taking in kratom. You can chew the leaves, smoke them, or make a tea out of the plant. The last method is the easiest way of consuming kratom.kratom tea

Kratom leaves are typically ingested fresh once the central veins are separated. While such approached can be done, it can be a bit difficult to go through with it since the leaves are very tough. Most users prefer them crushed or in powder form. You’ll need to chew them thoroughly before swallowing. The majority of people drink tea or warm water immediately after ingestion.

Smoking kratom is another approach, although this doesn’t offer any added advantage compared to chewing them or drinking them as tea. The amount of smoked leaf equivalent to the usual dose can be a bit too much.

Kratom in Capsule Form

A good approach to taking in kratom without the need to deal with the bitter taste is to fill them in capsules. When handling kratom leaves, ensure they’re finely grounded into powder. It’s suggested to utilize scale with milligram precision to measure the powder in a single capsule. After weighing the content in a single capsule, you can repeat it in the same manner as that of the other capsules until you’ve reached your ideal kratom amount.kratom capsules

A capsule maker can be utilized for filling convenience in size “00” capsules. If you want to know where to buy kratom capsules, there are plenty of online sellers that provide quality pre-made kratom-based capsules at reasonable prices.

Capsules by the Dosage

Doses for kratom capsules tend to vary and will depend on the kind of the kratom strain ingested, the user’s body chemistry, and the amount filled in every capsule.

You can use the recommended dosage guidelines for ingesting kratom capsules:

  • For first-time users/mild effects: 1 to 4 capsules
  • For moderate effects: 5 to 7 capsules
  • For strong effects: 8 to 10 capsules

It’s never recommended to go beyond 10 capsules as doing so could mean kratom intolerance or overdose. Always begin with a minimum dosage and wait for some time to observe how your body responds.