Is Kratom a Legal Substance?

By | June 11, 2014

Kratom is a known herb with a number of benefits for energy, stress, mood, and pain. Kratom enthusiasts who have been buying kratom capsules say the drug enhances their awareness, focus, sense of happiness, and decreases depression and anxiety. The natural product has been utilized by millions of users globally and is a staple in Southeast Asian culture. It’s considered safe when properly used and may be used in opium withdrawal treatment.

Recently there have been controversies with the plant’s legal stand. Some lawmakers are pushing hard to ban the substance. In certain countries, growing the plant is now labeled to be illegal since some of the alkaloid components observed in kratom are currently listed as a “controlled substances.”

Is kratom legal in the place you’re staying in and are there any special circumstances you’ll need to know about when buying the product for personal use?

Buy KratomIn the United States, kratom has yet been labelled as a controlled substance and is considered legal to grow, harvest, and use. No prescription is required to buy it and it’s not regulated by the FDA at present. Since it has yet been approved for consumption, it can’t be considered or named as a supplement, but it can be distributed as an active raw component. Some states are seeking to regulate the sale of the plant. You’ll need to verify with authorities in your area regarding the use of kratom.

In the United Kingdom, you can buy kratom without needing a prescription since it’s not presently restricted or scheduled. There are certain kratom vendors selling capsules and powder in the country but they tend to be a bit costly compared to retailers in Canada and the United States.

In Canada, kratom is perfectly legal substance and can be bought, sold, and utilized without restrictions however Health Canada has recently started to block large imports for many distributors in the country.

Indonesia is one of the biggest makers and exporters of kratom internationally, with a majority of native strains hailing from the country. Growing kratom is legal and most kratom supplied in Canada and the United States is from Indonesia. There have been unreliable reports of exports being halted to North America, but kratom strains from Indonesia continue to be sold and utilized all over the globe.

In Malaysia, using and selling kratom is illegal unless you possess a regulated government license.

In the Netherlands, kratom is absolutely legal. It’s widely sold in shops and in internet-based local vendors. The country is considered to be the biggest supplier of kratom throughout Europe.

Thailand is labelled as the native home of kratom. It’s been used for thousands of years as a key ingredient for traditional medicine. Leaves from the kratom plant are frequently prepared as tea or ingested as a drink similar to that of coffee. Despite continued use of the drug, kratom is labelled as a “Level 5 Narcotic” making it illegal to plant, grow, own, sell, or buy one. Multiple inquiries suggested the law was made since kratom was bringing in funds from the booming opium trade in the country. While kratom is consistently being used in the native population, a majority of Thai Kratom sold over the internet are sourced from its neighboring countries such as Indonesia.