Why Kratom Isolate Extract Is an Interesting Alternative to Powder

By | January 9, 2019

Kratom is a product that has long been used for its medicinal purposes. The Kratom plant contains the compounds mitragynine and 7-a-hydroxymitragynine that have several effects on the brain. The mitragynine component of Kratom also interacts with some of the brain’s receptor systems which results in stimulating effects.

Kratom has been used to treat pain and has also been used to help concentration and promote relaxation, among other benefits. It can either be ingested in capsule, powder or extract forms. Its leaves are also smoked, and its powder is sometimes diluted in water and drank as a tea.

What Makes Kratom Isolate Extract Different from Other Forms?

There are various types of Kratom leaves. They can be segregated into three colors: red, green and white. These are the colors of the leaves’ stems and veins, but when the Kratom is turned into powder form, it always ends up turning green.

The different Kratom strains also provide various effects. Some are sedatives, while some strains help perk you up. While powder is a popular form of ingesting Kratom, many Kratom takers do not prefer taking it this way due to its taste.

Kratom in its powder form usually needs to be taken in large amounts for its effects to kick in. Specifically, an approximate of 4 to 8 grams is required.

Every Kratom plant contains about 25 alkaloids and 40 bioactive compounds. Compared to its powder form, the Kratom isolate extract has been stripped off all its unnecessary alkaloids and chemicals, while still retaining its main bioactive compounds.

Is This Version of Kratom More Effective Than Other Kratom Forms?

Why Kratom Isolate Extract Is an Interesting Alternative to Powder

Some of the benefits of Kratom are the following:

  • heightened mood
  • increased stamina
  • improvement in maintaining focus
  • confidence regain in social situations.

It also helps one become more relaxed, and also treats various physical aches and pains. It can also help provide better sleep and treat insomnia.

The great feature of Kratom isolate extract is that it is said to be more effective than powder form, especially since only a little amount is needed for it to be effective. It also has been reported to produce better experiences for Kratom users.

What Should One Consider When Taking This Form of Kratom?

If this is your first time to consume Kratom and you want to use it in extract form, make sure you choose Kratom Full Spectrum isolate extract. Note that some producers of Kratom isolate extract only retain some of the essential compounds. Make sure you check the label to find out if the product is a Kratom Full Spectrum isolate extract as it will contain all the vital alkaloids and bioactive compounds.

Also, be wary of products that claim to have 50x to 100x more potency than other products. Since Kratom isolate extracts do not contain an extensive range of alkaloids, these can result in causing a tolerance for the consumer. Kratom isolate extracts with these overpromising descriptions are probably not as potent as other products.

Will I Experience Any Side Effects Using This Kratom Variant?

In general, misuse of any Kratom product can also have specific side effects. Some of which are the following:

  • nausea
  • dry mouth
  • loss of appetite
  • sweating
  • itching
  • an increase in urination
  • hallucinations and seizures

One should always be careful in taking in any new product for treatment purposes. Aside from consulting a health professional, one should still take the lowest possible dosage first and observe how your body will react to it. If you notice that you can tolerate the dosage, you can slowly increase your intake, as your body needs it.

Could This Kratom Form Be the Ultimate Remedy For Me?

Different people have different reactions to different medications. While Kratom has been proven effective in treating several ailments for many years, they do not always provide the same effects to consumers.

On the other hand, many people also swear by the amazing powers of Kratom. Some have even used Kratom products to cure opium addictions and treat other conditions that have not been cured by other synthetic medications. This is also a reason why it has been hailed a miracle plant by many.

At the end of the day, if it works for you, maybe it is the ultimate remedy for you. Just remember to be responsible when purchasing and consuming any Kratom product, especially if you are purchasing them online. Make sure you buy from reliable sources and read consumer reviews to help you buy only the best Kratom isolate extract products.