Kratom Drink Shots Review: How Effective are Kratom Shots?

By | January 11, 2019

The letter “K” can stand for the word Kryptonite, which is the thing that empowers the famous fictional superhero called Superman. However, letter “K” can also stand for the therapeutic and herbal plant called Kratom. This plant can give you many benefits and can give you a massive lift in your health.

Is kratom as potent and intense as Kryptonite? It might be, or it might not, but know that you can try the kratom drink shots to boost kratom’s effectiveness.

What are Kratomite Shots?

Kratom drink shots are produced from pure Kratom and have no added flavors. The most convenient way to take kratom shots is by purchasing one bottle. The smallest size of this product comes in 300 grams.

For people who love to party, they said that a kratom shot could give them enough energy to make them last until early morning.

This drink can make you feel high and can also relieve the symptoms that can be caused by all the partying that you have done during the night. For example, you can get sore muscles after a fun night, but you can relieve and ease your muscle pain through this drink. The good thing about this kratom drink is you won’t need to spend money on stimulants or alcohol when you are partying.

Remember that you must never mix alcohol and other chemical stimulants to this drink. All you need is a single or a double dose if you prefer to boost your energy through the night.

Kratom shots do not only allow you to party all night long but also make you mellow and relaxed as well. Trying this drink can give you a powerful experience.

Kratom Drink Shots that You Can Try

There are many kinds of kratom shots available on the market. In this article, we are going to review some of them to give you an idea of what kratom shots you should try.

Kratom Drink Shots Review: How Effective are Kratom Shots?

  • Mr. Smiley Kratom Shots

If you have been experimenting with different pharmaceutical drugs and want to get rid of them, then taking this kratom shot can help you. You can buy two-ounce powder of Mr. Smiley lemon-lime flavor and mix it in a bottle with a little water. Drink the mixture and enjoy.

You will love the effects of this drink, and it will surely get your mind off the pills that you were taking. Its main ingredient is kratom which is an herbal plant. This drink can give you a “body high” and make you feel floaty and relaxed with a little tingly feeling throughout your body.

You can consume 2 ounces of this kratom shot in just 2 to 3 gulps. The feeling of high from this drink can last up to 3 to 4 hours.

  • Aura Blue Raspberry Drink

This kratom shot has a berry flavor and a strong sweet taste, and it is available in an 8-ounce bottle. Since it is 8 ounces of kratom shot, it is too much to drink in just one sitting. Moreover, the very sweet taste from the raspberry flavor can make it impossible to finish the whole bottle so you can keep it in the fridge.

Make sure that you purchase kratom drink shots from reputable kratom sellers. However, the label won’t show you a lot of details about the product, so you wouldn’t know as well if it is made from pure kratom.

Aura is the brand name of this kratom drink, and the Blue Raspberry is just one of its flavors. Aura shots are available in lemon-lime, fruit punch, and watermelon.

What are the Effects of Kratom Shots?

The main ingredient of a kratom shot is kratom, so it can have the many benefits that kratom has. Here are some of those effects:

  • Can relieve body pain
  • Can strengthen your immune system
  • Can reduce your anxiety
  • Can help with the withdrawal process of people addicted to opiates
  • Can regulate blood sugar level

Kratom drink shots can have withdrawal symptoms as well, but it is easier to manage than opioids withdrawal symptoms. Kratom is a better substance than marijuana. However, kratom is not legal in some places, so you must check its legality in your country before you use it.