Kratom Capsules at Kratom Spot

By | October 30, 2018

Kratom Capsules are currently gaining popularity among kratom enthusiasts. Capsules offer convenience and are especially easy for people who are on the go. People looking to enjoy kratom at easy to measure dosage always prefer capsules to powder.

What makes a good kratom capsule?

It’s what’s inside that counts! All good kratom capsules require a good kratom powder. All natural, additive free, premium kratom is what you should be looking for in a capsule. The powder should come from dried leaves crush into a fine powder.

Kratom Spot offers the best of both worlds. Long known as a premium supplier of kratom powder, Kratom Spot recently added a line of capsules to accompany all of their popular strains! They fill each capsule with care and attention to detail.

All kratom capsules at Kratom Spot are carefully measured for consistency. Each capsule is filled with .7 grams of kratom, polished in a state-of-the-art facility so that they aren’t dusty, and are always packed in a 100% Veggie capsule.

The Kratom Spot team really go above and beyond to offer a premium product for kratom enthusiasts. Take a look at the Kratom Spot kratom capsules selection. They have capsules in over 15 strains.