Taking Kratom as a Natural Anti-Depressant Alternative

By | June 5, 2014

As more people are buying kratom, it’s becoming a trend to shift to such an alternative medicine to combat depression. While depression can go undiagnosed or you’re embarrassed to accept the symptoms of the condition, there are viable alternatives that can benefit you without taking a trip to the doctor’s office.

Like other alternative herbal remedies on the market, kratom is an excellent resource that provides relief for both the mind and body. Is kratom safe? Most definitely. Its properties enhance mood, increases a positive states of mind, and promotes feelings of calmness & relaxation.

The sad part is, along with the rise of new depression symptoms, a new yet ugly health trend is creeping up alongside depression: addiction to anti-depressants. Brought to the market as a “cure for all” on emotional breakdowns in life, anti-depressants generate millions of dollars to pharmaceutical companies today.

KratomBut look no further, anti-depressant alternatives like kratom are becoming an excellent alternative to combat today’s chemical-heavy anti-depressants. You’re probably wondering where to buy kratom capsules, leaves, or powder to solve your depression. They’re typically seen online by legit merchants that sell kratom (not ones that sell in shiny plastic bags along with research chemicals). The good thing about the drug is that it’s not manufactured in a factory nor do they fill the pharmaceutical world with profit.

The natural kratom leaf has been utilized for thousands of years in Southeast Asia to treat a number of emotional and physical ailments. They function as natural analgesics, boost energy, and may even help to ease withdrawal from opiates. First-hand reports from users all over the globe point to kratom’s potency and effectiveness in fighting depression.

While the best kratom source may offer complete relief for both mind and body, various kratom leaves can be utilized to enhance the precise result you’re seeking. Depending on your symptoms, go for the right strain that likely describes how you’ll want to feel.

  • Red Kratom

Rightfully named after the color of its veins running along the plant leaf, red kratom is considered to be the most soothing out of the bunch. If you feel like you’re strung or you’re having a hard time focusing, red kratom is recommended. Expect a feeling of relaxation and calming effect which will help to ease your stress & depression.

  • White Kratom

If depression is making you feel slow or you lack the motivation to do things, white kratom is recommended. This variant boosts your energy to help you make the most of your tasks without the worries. White kratom offers the feeling of euphoria, joy, and a major emotional lift when you need it most.

The kratom dosage needed to address your depression symptoms vary. Everyone is different and each case of depression is triggered by varying emotional and physical factors. It’s important to use logic when giving kratom a try for depression. Start with smaller dosages and evaluate how this affects your mood.

Here are some guidelines to help you with the dosages:

  • 1 to 5 grams: for light feelings of depression
  • 5 to 15 grams: for moderate and long term depression symptoms
  • 15 to 25 grams: for severe and acute depression episodes

When it boils down to depression, seeking treatment may require sampling different kratom varieties at different doses to see what works for you. In most cases, you’ll notice immediate improvement on most recognizable signs of depression after buying kratom — without ever going to a doctor or pharmacy.

Herbal medicines have been utilized throughout history for one good reason: natural remedies that answer our health problems without the use of unnatural chemicals. If you’re suffering from depression and are looking for a friendly and natural alternative to prescription medicines, consider going for resources our planet offers. Utilizing kratom for depression may just be what you need to release your tension and give a new meaning to your life.