Kratom 15x Extract Used in Therapeutic Dosages

By | June 15, 2014

Kratom is becoming one of the many preferred alternative herbal medicines today. It is also scientifically known as the Mitragyna speciosa. Kratom is a medicinal leaf extract from the Rubiaceae family tree and is native to Southeast Asian countries. The tree can be identified by its height, which range from 3 to 40 meters, depending on age. Growing kratom into a completely mature tree entails fertile soil and plenty of sunlight — both found in the Southeast Asia.

Kratom is known for its varying names and is spelled differently in different parts of the world. These include kretum, cratom, thom, lthang, and kakuam. In its botanical form, kratom is closely related to the uncaria, cinchona, and corynanthe genera, which places it in the same class as the coffee tree. When leaves of a kratom tree are boiled and extracted as concentrate, they result into a shiny, thickened, and dark green extract.

Kratom 15x powderKratom 15x is considered to be a standard powdered extract, which appears dry and highly fine in appearance — same as that of a talc powder. The powder is so fine it could easily be mixed into any beverage or placed in gel capsules easily. Kratom 15x is one of the most powerful forms of kratom and is active at just about half a gram. It’s widely utilized in therapeutic dosages as an analgesic, mood-booster, and aiding individuals in opiate addiction withdrawal.

The kratom 15x extract can be ingested in a number of ways which include mixing them in any beverage, shaken into a bottle of water, or even through a kratom tea recipe. Furthermore, it can be ingested by combining the kratom 15x in syrup, honey, and other kinds of food. Kratom 15x is comparable to the lyophilized Thai kratom extract but has far superior euphoric properties.

After ingesting the kratom extract, a user will observe its effect in as little as five to fifteen minutes. The effects, which are both sedating and stimulating, can go on for several hours. If ingested in lower dosages, kratom can typically function as a stimulant while in higher dosages, it functions as a sedative.

One of the most known effects of kratom is to alleviate pain, similar to that of opiates. If a gram of kratom is mixed in water, its sleep-inducing effects could last from four to eight hours. When taken in lower dosages, it can induce light euphoria, boundless energy, enhances mental concentration, and minimizes fatigue.

There are numerous kratom vendors today that provide users a wide range of kratom extracts and are available in different forms. Most kratom stores provide comprehensive information on the medicinal advantages of utilizing kratom frequently. Internet-based kratom stores often feature a section that talks about the benefits of risks of using the beneficial tropical plant.

There are plenty of forums and blog sites that offer advice and tips on different aspects of kratom. They range from dosage intake, experimentation, and feedback on the latest kratom products and the stores they bought kratom from. Typically, new users would often seek for advice from users who have been using kratom for years.