Green Malay Kratom Review to Guide Responsible Kratom Users

By | December 12, 2018

If you are just a newbie in taking a Green Malay Kratom, reading a legitimate Green Malay kratom review will help you make a stand.

Green Malay Kratom Review: A Closer Look at Malaysian Kratom

While there are different strains of kratom endemic to Southeast Asia, this particular kratom is what Malaysia is quite proud of.

The Green Malay is known for its euphoric and energetic effects even at low doses. Meanwhile, if you take this kratom in a higher quantity, you will feel its sedative properties.

A lot of users also confirmed that this strain would leave its effect on the body for a more extended period.

What Makes the Green Malay Deserving of the Super Kratom Tag

Green Malay Kratom Review to Guide Responsible Kratom Users

Due to its high potency and lasting effects, the Green Malay kratom is labeled as a “super kratom.” The following are the reasons why this strain deserves the tag.

  • Packed With Alkaloids. Brought primarily because of its large leaves, the Green Malay has the most alkaloid count. Based on studies, the said strain has 40 total of active alkaloids. Making this strain potent and effective is the presence of 7-Hydroxymitragynine and Mitragynine alkaloids.
  • Stimulates More Smoothly. One characteristic unique to Green Malay is that it will induce its effects in a smooth phase. With this, no users reported any drastic mood swing or unmanageable hype brought by this strain. Also, due to its huge alkaloid reserves, this breed of kratom will sustain its effects for an extended period.
  • High Level of Happiness. Anybody could experience an energy boost after taking a kratom, but with the Malay strain, you can enjoy a sustained effect of overall happiness in the body. If you want to experience relaxation to the tee, take this kratom and enjoy the euphoria until your next intake.

Capturing the Physiology of the Green Malay Leaves

Since the Green Malay strain sources its benefits from its broad leaves, it is just logical to have a close check on this variant.

  • Shape. The shape of the leaves of the Green Malay is oval. Meanwhile, when you examine its color, it resembles a dark green hue. The average size of this strain is from 100×180 mm width and length ratio.
  • Height. The fully grown Green Malay tree will reach 82 feet peak in its height. On the other hand, the trunk of this breed can grow up to 3 feet in diameter.

Recommended Appropriate Dosages of Taking the Green Malay

While there are strains of kratom that do not consider weight as a vital consideration in calculating the average dose, the Green Malay kratom needs it.

  • 150-200 Pounds. For people falling into this bracket, the appropriate dose is 4 grams maximum daily intake.
  • More than 200 Pounds. For people who weigh more than 200lbs, the recommended daily dosage is 5 grams.
  • Minimum Threshold. If your weight does not belong to the bracket, or for some other reasons, you want to deviate; the minimum daily quantity is 1 gram daily.

It is also essential to know the top strains of kratom in the market so that you can select the best pick.

Five Leading Strains of Kratom That you Must Know

  • Green Malay. Of course, topping the list is the Green Malay. Aside from providing better effects, this breed is also known for its pleasant taste. If you are new to this strain, expect up to eight hours of effect.
  • Bali. This strain has more on the relaxing and energizing effects. A higher dose of Bali will induce a relaxed body and mind, while the lower quantities will constitute to the stimulating hype.
  • Red Vein Bali. This strain is popular for having a balanced alkaloid content. This strain also has a unique taste and stronger sedative effect compared to the other variants.
  • Green Vein Bali. This strain is native to Sumatra and Borneo. Like Maeng Da strain, the Green Vein Bali also has high alkaloid content that is responsible for its relaxing and euphoric benefits.
  • Thai. Energy booster and sexual stimulant are among the beneficial effects of this kratom. You can feel the lift of your health for up to six hours after the intake.

If you find this vital information on a Green Malay kratom review, that means you’ve landed on the right websites.