General Effects of Today’s Kratom

By | January 4, 2017

Kratom benefits the body in a lot of ways since it offers strong effects of kratom for anxiety while enhancing moods and energy. It keeps your anxiety level to a minimum and has been reported to have a happy feeling with a desire to perform any task. Its effects are said to be calm.

Thai laborers ingest the plant to be able to get through the day. The effects of the plant can be felt within 15 minutes after ingestion and can linger for several hours.

Leaves of the Kratomkratom leaves

A majority of users describes the effects to be euphoric and highly stimulating in lower doses while sedative qualities at higher dosages. This can be explained since kratom stimulates the delta opioid receptors in the body when ingested in small quantities. It usually increases stimulation of mu opioid receptors when ingested in higher doses. These are the same receptors that can be stimulated when taking in opiate drugs.

Even though the majority of kratoms alkaloids is related to today’s illicit drugs, it appears that the plant doesn’t influence any psychedelic activity. Its dominant effects are similar to that of opiates including cough suppression, analgesic properties, stimulating, and feelings of euphoria. Such effects can be compared to that of a strong codeine.

Some studies indicate that kratom increases sexual desire and minimizes erectile problems in men. This can be explained by the plant’s effect on a user’s level of anxiety. Other effects kratom include reduced smooth muscle tone, limited anesthesia, and depression of the central nervous system.

Some side effects noted include appetite loss, dry mouth, frequent urination, and constipation. But unlike that of opiates, kratom doesn’t cause vomiting and nausea in a majority of cases. Heavy use or kratom overdose can lead to deep sleep.

Differences in Kratom Strains

There are several kinds of kratom strains available today and new strains seem to show up in the market constantly. But in reality, these are the same Thai, Indonesian, and Malaysian types branded under a number of commercial names.Kratom strains

The differences between each strain may very well have a lot to do with their genetic makeup and the regions where they were sourced from.

Powdered Kratom Types

There are several types of kratom products available in today’s market. These include:

Bali Kratom: Users report the Bali kratom to be relaxing on higher doses compared to other strains. It makes room for enhanced stimulating effects when ingested in lower dosages.

Thai Kratom: Effects of the Thai kratom have been reported to belonger in duration and the most sedating compared to other strains. These days, commercially-made Thai kratom are grown in Asian countries outside of Thailand since the country banned the plant years ago. A normal Thai kratom dosage is within the 3-5 gram range.

Malaysia Kratom: The kratom is said to have similar effects to that of Bali kratom.

Maeng Da Kratom: Maeng Da is translated as “pimp grade” kratom in Thailand. It’s the most powerful strain of kratom available in today’s market. Based on user reports, Maeng Da has less euphoric effects compared to the other strains, but applauded for its sky-high energizing effects.

Studies say it’s a bit jittery compared to Premium Thai kratom versions and has a short duration.An active dose for Maeng Da is within 1 to 2 grams.A quality Maeng Da powder is deep green in color.