Four Most Euphoric Kratom in the Market That You Should Try

By | November 5, 2018

Maybe you are curious on what is the most euphoric kratom available in the market that you can try. Most kratom users would tell you that it is Maeng Da. However, the decision still depends on you after assessing the crucial things that you should consider in choosing kratom.

If you want to find the ideal strain for you, you should consider the best color for euphoria (white or green), the quantity that you should take, and the source of the strain.

How Does Kratom Encourage Euphoria Among Its Users?

Four Most Euphoric Kratom in the Market That You Should Try

The chemicals that can be found in kratom interact with your body’s opioid receptors and particular neurotransmitters that are responsible for inducing euphoria.

The 7-hydroxymitragynine, an opioid agonist, is the one that produces the euphoric feeling and is also responsible for the medicinal benefits of kratom.

Here are the four strains that have the alkaloid responsible for euphoria:

1. Maeng Da

This strain is unique and is usually complemented by users as the most euphoric kratom. It has a high concentration level of alkaloids and a well-balanced pain relieving and stimulating effects. However, some people said that it is too strong for first time users or beginners.

Maeng Da’s effects are the same as Vicodin which is a pain medication opioid. Original strains of Maeng Da can be found in Indonesia and are harvested from mature Maeng Da trees. It has a euphoric and robust smell.

2. Green Malay

This strain is famous for its effect that gives users a natural feeling of euphoria. Green Malay’s influence can last longer compare to Maeng Da and other kratom strains.

If you prefer a longer euphoric effect, then you should choose this strain. However, if you want to have an intense euphoric effect, then you should select Maeng Da.

This strain can boost your energy and mood for the first several hours of taking it. After an hour of using this, you will get a relaxing effect as the stimulating effect starts to expire. In general, Green Malay offers pain relief, euphoria, and energy.

The effect of Green Malay cannot be compared to any other strains in the market. Different strains can give you a little of each impact, like mental stimulation, pain relief, and mood enhancement.

However, with this strain, you will be able to get moderate to the high efficiency of all mentioned benefits.

If you want, you can mix Green Malay and Maeng Da for an excellent euphoric effect. Moreover, you can use this strain if your goal is to enhance your senses while watching a movie or listening to music.

3. White Borneo

This strain produces clear feelings of euphoria and energy. It is the rarest and strongest kratom strain in the Borneo family. If you take the right dosage, you will surely feel positivity and happiness.

Some users claim that White Borneo is better than Maeng Da, but some say it is a weak strain.

To make things clear, it is an energizing and uplifting strain. It may not be the most euphoric kratom, but it can provide you more concentration and energy in doing your projects compared to other strains.

4. Indo and Malaysian

These strains can be considered as the most euphoric kratom depending on its quantity. It is at the bottom of the list because it would not be an excellent first choice for you. It could be the best, or it could be the worst euphoric kratom that you’ll ever try.

If you are still exploring, it is highly suggested that you first try Green Malay and Maeng Da.

How Much Kratom Do You Need in Inducing Euphoria?

For you to have the best experience, you need to assess the proper dosage for your mind and body.

It is not that hard knowing your right kratom dosage even if you are a beginner. All you have to do is to begin taking it in the lowest dosage and gradually increase it if necessary.

You can follow this guide below:

  • 7-10 grams for a sedating effect
  • 4-6 grams for intense relaxation and euphoria
  • 1-3 grams for euphoric and energy boosting effects

There is no known and proven way of determining what the most euphoric kratom that is suitable for you. Every individual has varying amounts of receptors and different brain chemicals. However, Maeng Da and Green Malay are the best strains if you want to experience feelings of euphoria.