FAQs, Effects, and Dosage of Green Dragon Kratom Powder

By | October 10, 2018

Among the dragon kratom variety, the green dragon kratom is best known as an energy booster and a relaxing solution. This strain is produced from kratom leaves that have abundantly grown around parts of Southeast Asia.

The green dragon has been considered as a superhero when it comes to alternative medicine and for great reasons.

Find out more about this strain below.

What Makes Green Dragon Effective?

A lot of people have been using green dragon strain for years and they’ve boasted of its effectiveness and potency.

The strain is among the best kratom varieties there are that has a very high potency which makes it highly effective in treating various conditions. It is mainly because of the high concentration of various alkaloids it has.

The main alkaloid found in the green dragon strain is a large concentration of 7-hydroxymitragynine. But, more than that, green dragon also features 25 other substances that, when combined, can create a strong variety of kratom. Notable alkaloids that can be found in green dragon include paynantheine and speciogynine.

How Much Does Green Dragon Cost?

FAQs, Effects, and Dosage of Green Dragon Kratom Powder1

When buying green dragon strain, you should only purchase products that are highly concentrated. Otherwise, you won’t be getting their full benefit at best. You wouldn’t want anything you don’t know added in your kratom strain.

Typically, in most sellers, you can get an ounce of green dragon powder for as low as $16. If you are looking to buy it in capsule form, it can usually cost you about $21 for a bottle of 50 capsules.

When buying green dragon online, you can also find some discounts and off-prices that can help you save a bunch.

Generally, you can save a lot if you buy from a direct supplier. Online vendors and sellers are also offering kratom strains at cheap and affordable prices. If you have visited any kratom head shops, they tend to have higher-price products.

Effects of the Green Dragon Strain

Green dragon is among the most powerful and strongest strains available in the market. As such, you can expect that, when you take it, you’ll experience quite string effects too.

Good thing, the green dragon kratom has a lot of positive effects to all its users.

  • Keeps you from any stomach disorder. While other strains can cause issues with your stomach, this is not a problem in using green dragon as it doesn’t manifest that kind of side effect.
  • It assists you in getting increased mental focus.
  • Green dragon can also help you boost your energy up to a very high level. It is unlike other kratom strains that only cause relaxation and don’t improve your energy.
  • It can effectively release stress conditions and alleviate anxiety disorders.
  • Provides effective relaxation to your muscles without diminishing your energy.
  • Unlike other strains, it doesn’t interfere with your sleep. It can even aide to a proper and complete sleep with its laxative agents that works effectively in calming the nerves.
  • It helps you develop and keep your blood pressure normal.
  • While you are in a relaxed state after taking the strain, your mental function is still active.

Green Dragon Dosage

You can get the green dragon strain in either powdered form or in a capsule. The dosage of the strain will depend on the purpose why you are using it.

  • Low Dosage

A low dose of green dragon is only about one to three grams, a small amount which is perfect for beginners. Its effects include giving you a fair share of energy to start the day.

  • Medium Dosage

This dosage includes about four grams to six grams of green dragon which can develop pain relief and stimulation effects.

  • High Dosage

A high dosage of green dragon usually involves around 7 grams to 10 grams of the powder. This level of dosage is often used by experienced kratom users. It can provide a powerful sedation and quite strong analgesic effects. This dosage is used by those who don’t have enough or have a problem getting into sleep.

Green dragon is highly effective and there is no question with that. The only concern left is doing a right measurement of the green dragon kratom powder, the right dosage to be taken to avoid any unnecessary complications or dependency to the strain.