Different Indo Kratom Strains and Their Effects

By | December 28, 2018

Indo kratom is an extract from the leaves of the Mitragyna speciosa tree. Of all the Mitragyna species, only the kratom tree has analgesic, mood-enhancing, and energy boosting properties.

The kratom indo products come from Indonesia, where the tree is abundantly growing. Native folks from this country have cultivated this plant for thousands of years.

So, it is not surprising that Indonesians have developed highly sophisticated ways to extract the substance.

As you already know, kratom has more than 40 alkaloids. These alkaloids are responsible for the opiate-like properties of the product.

However, indo kratom effects vary from one strain to another. The effect also depends on the place where the kratom comes from, the color of the strain, and the manner of extraction.

Indo Kratom According to Color

Different Indo Kratom Strains and Their Effects

There are at least three known strains of indo kratom. These are:

  • Green Indo
  • Red Indo
  • White Indo

Green Indo

Often, kratom users refer to this strain as “super” green indo. This strain comes from leaves that are bigger and larger than most kratom leaves.

Because of the size of the original leaves, the alkaloids present are much more potent than the other strains.

Latest of the strains, green indo can make you feel relax and stimulated at the same time. It is quite a mystery how this strain can cause such effects. Kratom users and enthusiasts have reported such results after taking them.

Others would say that this strain has excellent analgesic properties. So, if you are recovering from surgery and don’t want to take commercial painkillers, green indo can be your alternative.

Those who use this as a recreational drug, they claim that this strain improves focus and mood. Others experience euphoria.

Red Indo

One of the most potent strains, red indo has high levels of alkaloids. Users refer to this strain as Borneo Kratom or Bali Kratom.

Red indo kratom effects include improved sleep, relief from anxiety attacks, and stress reduction. Like all kratom strains, red indo has analgesic properties. The effects may last for six hours depending on dosage.

Other long-term effects are an improvement of immunity and lowered blood pressure. For those who want glowing skin, this strain contains powerful antioxidants. Side effects are manageable; just take kratom in small doses.

White Indo

If you want an energy booster to improve your productivity, you can use this strain. Some say you’ll have an enhanced communication skill.

If you are battling a stage fright and need to face a large audience, you can drink a capsule at least an hour before. Drinking a capsule would relax your nerves. One capsule releases and increases the level of endorphins in your blood.

Indo Kratom According to Manner of Extraction

Extracting of kratom includes boiling the leaves in water. Another way is removing the stems from the leaves.

Premium Indo

The preparation and harvesting are different in extracting premium indo. Preparers usually separate the leaves from the stems using their hands. The leaves are then grounded and powdered.

This procedure makes the indo kratom more potent than the regular indo strain.

Enhanced Indo

This strain involves another procedure before the leaves are powdered. To enhance the alkaloid potency, producers boil the leaves until they form resins. The resins are powdered.

This strain is 15 times more potent than the premium and regular indo. So, it’s recommended to use this with other mixtures or strains.

Effects may include euphoria, and the ability to battle social anxiety. Thus, this type of indo strain helps improve social interaction.

Appropriate Dosage for Best Indo Kratom Effects

Whatever strains you are taking, it is advisable to start at a low dosage. Never use the highly potent indo strains such as enhanced and premium indo on a regular basis.

The alkaloids of the indo strains are much more potent than other strains such as the Maeng Da and Malay Kratom. Ingesting more than 1 gram of recommended amount will make you tolerant to effects of the herbs. Thus, it may lead to addiction if you aren’t careful.

Personal Preference

The type of strain is a personal preference. You can achieve the desired effect of red indo, but you may not have the same effect as the green indo.

The physical effects of the many indo strains are almost similar, but the perception of such effects may vary from person to person.

You can experiment which one is effective but be careful of overdosing. Take only the recommended dosage as indicated in the package.


The indo kratom effects vary. Some strains have a more potent effect than others. Other varieties may not be effective on you.