Detailed Review of the SoCal Herbal Remedies’ Website

By | December 21, 2018

SoCal Herbal has been a popular kratom merchant among the users of this herb. A lot of people trust this merchant. The customers love the quality and the affordability of their products.

However, their website speaks for themselves. It seems like there is a mystery lurking behind this kratom vendor.

Searching Through the Search Engine

Through big search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, you will not find this merchant just by typing the word “SoCal Herbal.” People who are looking for it have to go to A forum just to learn about it and find a link through their website.

At first, you will never think that they have a website because the merchant does not appear on the first page of the search engine results page just by typing its name.

However, due to the popularity of the merchant, loyal customers know the link, and they can share it with the new users through A forum.

The Homepage

On the homepage, the company introduces themselves and their value proposition. They claim that they provide the best quality products that came from secure partners worldwide. They make sure that they run a quick inventory of their products to ensure the freshness of their products.

They take pride in their fast shipping procedure and the availability of their products at a lower cost. A lot of their loyal customers say that the shipping procedure is within the day. Commonly, they receive their item after two days.

You will also see the various categories of their products which are botanical products, herbal teas, kava, essential oils, soaps, and apparels.

Finding Their Kratom Products

Detailed Review of the SoCal Herbal Remedies’ Website

It seems like when it comes to searching, they make things difficult for their new customers. Just by clicking each category, you will not find their kratom products, not even under the teas and herbal teas.

In fact, other review websites thought that SoCal has stopped selling kratoms because they cannot find them under each category.

To find their kratom goodies, you have to use the search field and type, “speciosa” or “kratom.” It is only by typing in the search field that you will find their kratom products. Here are some of the kratom goodies that you can find upon typing the word, “speciosa” in the search field.

  • SoCal Maeng Da Herbal Tea 125 grams
  • SoCal Maeng Da Herbal Tea 250 grams
  • Red Cambodian Herbal Tea
  • Red Maeng Da #2 Herbal Tea
  • SoCal Green Vein Herbal Tea (100 Capsules)
  • SoCal White Vein Herbal Tea (100 Capsules)
  • SoCal Red Vein Herbal Tea (100 Capsules)

This list is just one. You can find 38 of them on their page. Others are the same type of kratom, but they are selling some of them in different amounts or weights.

What they say about the pricing of their products is true. The price of their kratom in powder form ranges from $5 to $25. Their bottle of 100 capsules costs only $30.

Selecting a Product

Upon selecting a product, you will be given an option about the weight that you want to buy. After choosing the product weight, you can select the payment method that you want either through PayPal or PayPal Credit.  Also, do not forget about the quantity of products that you want to buy.

If you select a kratom product, you will see that the SoCal Herbal did not put much information about each of their kratoms, unlike their other products. The only description that you will see is the assurance that their kratoms are tested and the word “speciosa” in the description part.


The SoCal Herbal fulfills their promises to provide fast shipping and affordable products to their customers. You can see it through several customer reviews and on the list of their products.

However, their website is not user-friendly. Old customers may not have a problem looking for the site and the products they want to buy, but the new customers will definitely have a problem.

It is not easy to find their website on the search engine. One has to go to A forum just to learn about it.

It is unknown if the SoCal Herbal intentionally made their website hard to find. Also, it seems like this merchant is not a Kratom advocate because they are making their kratom products only available to those who know what kratom is.