Concerns and Issues with BikHuk Kratom

By | January 3, 2017

BikHuk kratom is one of the biggest kratom vendors selling quality kratom powders and leaves to consumers today. They also have several distributors and resellers in several different countries. Depending on where you purchased this product, you may have already tried some of BikHuk from a reseller without even knowing it. Headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia, this growing supplier is comfortably situated to find the strongest quality of kratom powders.

BikHuk boasts of utilizing the best harvesting and drying methods with fresh leaves from the best kratom plants to offer a powerful product with concentrated alkaloid content.

BikHuk Strain Offerings

BikHuk is widely known to specialize in Indonesian strains which makes perfect sense given its current location. They sell a wide range of popular products which include Borneo Red Vein, Sumatra White Vein, and the Green Malay strain. You’ll also spot a Stem and Vein powder, Premium Red Thai powder, and the Extra Radical Indo Kratom Extract for sale.

They also offer Green and Red Riau kratom strains in one package along with several kratom powder strains to let new users experiment with different strains at the same time.

Just recently, there have been criticisms in the online kratom community regarding low quality powder products coming from BikHuk. Some sellers decided to stop selling their items as a result of the perceived drop in product quality. While they still have some loyal fans and have accumulated a number of positive reviews over the years, many are now saying that other vendors are far better for seeking the best quality kratom products.

Buying Kratom from BikHuk

A majority of consumers will find it impractical to buying directly from BikHuk due to a sky-high minimum buying requirements they’ve set up. After all, this manufacturer mainly transacts with business-to-business sales and are not made to direct retailers.

On most of their products, the smallest quantity sold is at 800 grams. If you’re utilizing kratom in the right dosage and often taking time in between to curb tolerance, this results to purchasing a year’s supply on a single strain alone. At this point, there will be concern regarding the product’s expiration date.

BikHuk Kratom Logo
Some users may think of buying directly from BikHuk if they’re capable of splitting their order with others. This would let you go for low-priced bulk purchases without having your own kratom supply lose its potency by the time you utilize it. But one of the challenges that BikHuk admits on their online site is that their delivery times are often delayed or customs will prohibit their products from crossing the border.

There have been stores of BikHuk packages being taken and destroyed by customs — at times, without justification as to why they ruined a legal product made for the country of destination.

This reason alone prevents BikHuk from shipping orders to consumers residing in Thailand, Malaysia, Burma, New Zealand, Poland, and Ireland. They also won’t ship to some American states which include: Indiana, Louisiana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Hawaii, California, Colorado, and Arizona. Their vendor site states that present legal matters hinders them from successfully delivering products to these areas since they’re exported from Indonesia.

Buying from Kratom Resellers

Depending on where you’re residing, it’s sensible to place your order via a domestic-based BikHuk reseller. You can try to order kratom online within your country. In the U.S., Deep Jungle Kratom, Kratom Wellness, and Shamannation carry products from BikHuk.

In the United Kingdom, you can purchase from Natural Chemistry or KratomSupply. In Canada, Galactic Botanicals Kratom offers all strains from BikHuk. While some of these vendors have a good reputation, others have accumulated a number of negative reviews and should be avoided at all cost.