A Comprehensive Guide on Green Malay Kratom Effects and Benefits

By | November 2, 2018

If you have been taking kratom for a while now, chances are, you already know that most Green Malay Kratom effects are excellent for your health.

However, if you are only starting out and you still have not decided which kratom product you want to try, then this is for you.

Green Malay Kratom or “Ketum” in Malaysia, where it originated, is known most for the energy boost it gives to those who take it.

Ironically, it also relaxes muscles and can help you achieve better sleep quality and pattern. It may take a few hours before the height of its effects hit you, though.

Who Would Enjoy Green Malay Kratom Effects

A Comprehensive Guide on Green Malay Kratom Effects and Benefits

While you can take Green Malay Kratom for recreational purposes, this particular strain of kratom is recommended for:

  •    People who are suffering from migraines.
  •    People with arthritis.
  •    People who need energy for work.
  •    People who are suffering from anxiety, depression, and ADD.

Green Malay Kratom is not exclusively for those mentioned above. You can try it even if you merely want to be in a better mood or if you just need more energy to do your chores at home.

What Can You Expect When You Take Green Malay Kratom?

Similar to any other kratom, taking Green Malay Kratom in the right dosage will give you the best results.

For this particular strain, however, you can expect a more energizing and uplifting effect. So, if you need a little more push to accomplish your tasks, this is the perfect kratom strain for you.

Here are other Green Malay Kratom effects that you can expect:

  •    Calmer mind and improved mental focus.
  •    Joint and muscle pain relief.
  •    Improved sleep schedule.
  •    More regulated blood pressure.
  •    Relief from stomach problems and other chronic pains.

When Will You Notice These Effects?

Compared to Bali Kratom or even the Red Thai strain, Green Malay Kratom is considerably stronger. Its higher potency can be attributed to its leaf size.

Since Green Malay kratom plants have bigger leaves compared to other kratom variants, they also produce more Alkaloid properties.

You may feel some of the effects instantaneously from just a 3-gram dosage.

Like what was mentioned at the beginning, it might take a few hours before you feel the “peak” of these effects. This is because Green Malay Kratom is unique as it works in cycles.

For the first hour or so, you will feel a surge of energy. This is the perfect time to do any physical activities that you have in mind. You will experience a relaxing wave around the third to the fifth-hour mark.

Are There Side Effects?

If you take it in the right dosage, Green Malay Kratom should not cause any negative side effects. However, just as with other kratom products, if you take too much of it, you could experience some adverse effects.

Take the strain in the right dose if you do not want to experience headaches, blurry vision, slurred speech, nausea, vomiting, lack of appetite, or excessive sweating.

What is the Right Dosage?

This product is very concentrated that even a small quantity can have surprisingly strong effects that are good for your health. Consider these when you take your Green Malay Kratom:

  •    The smallest amount that would give subtle effects is 1 gram.
  •    Any amount between 3 grams to 6 grams is considered a medium dosage and can be very beneficial.
  •    10 grams of Green Malay Kratom is already regarded as high.
  •    As a general rule, smaller dosages of Green Malay Kratom will give you an increase in energy. If you want relaxing and soothing effects, you would have to increase the dosage. Weight should also be considered

What Is the Best Method to Consume Green Malay Kratom?

There are several ways you can consume Green Malay Kratom. The most popular method is by drinking it as tea. You can also mix it with your food.

If you want the most potent effects, however, you should try the “toss and wash” method. As the name implies, you would have to toss the ground leaves into your mouth, then swallow it and wash it down with water.

Whether you are a beginner or you have been using kratom for a while now, you will surely enjoy most if not all the Green Malay Kratom effects and benefits.

Of course, do not forget that the right dosage is key to achieving the best results.