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Vendor Review: Kratom Pro

Kratom Pro is one of the several kratom vendors based in California that provide item discounts on its minimally-designed interface. The online shop provides very little information on its products including where they’re sourced from, the effects they make, recommended dosage, or how they’re handled in international and local warehouses. Their critical aspect is that… Read More »

Reviewing Capsules and Powder from Organic Kratom

Organic Kratom is one of the many new online kratom vendors to have flooded the market ever since kratom began its popularity in the last several years. They provide a colorful site with useful information on their items. These include a complete background on kratom strains, effects, and dose recommendations. No one knows where this… Read More »

Review of Kratom Forest and Its Products

Kratom Forest is just one of the many kratom vendors devoted to selling kratom products without frills. The thing is, consumers would want those same “frills” such as complete item descriptions and bargain deals. Without any of these, it makes it very challenging to observe the items sold at a high price. A plethora of… Read More »

Review of Kratom XL and Its Products

There are several kratom vendors over the internet carrying the Kratom XL brand name. It’s still not clear if this is actually a trademark branding or just a description utilized randomly by a number of sources to depict varying product types. For such reason, each consumer should be cautious when buying kratom from over-hyped brands… Read More »

A Review of Kratom Therapy

Kratom Therapy offers a hippy-like influence that makes it unique compared to other online kratom vendors. The messages and design of their site has a relaxed influence while emphasizing on varying aspects of kratom use and holistic health. This is a breath of fresh air from other cash-grabbing site we’ve seen a lot lately, which… Read More »

A Review of The Kratom Company

If you’re seeking to order kratom online from The Kratom Company, then you’ll be met with bad news. Reviews of The Kratom Company used to positive as a medium for this herbal supplement. While it’s still not clear what happened behind the scenes that changed the situation, it seems that the vendor won’t publicly selling… Read More »

Review of Botanical Spirit

Botanical Spirit is a reliable and trustworthy spiritual plant shop and seller of ethnobotanical products. They’re also one of Canada’s reputable kratom vendors with a history of positive feedback from consumers who have purchased from them. At present, the shop is headquartered in Canada. Not only is the store known for its amazing product lineups… Read More »

Review of Coastal Kratom

Coastal Kratom is a relatively new company headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina. They happen to be one of the many kratom vendors that sell quality kratom powder with an excellent sense of ideal blends and strains in stock. Each of their products features proper descriptions that include product origin and expected effects. They have over… Read More »

Review of the Kratom Vendor: Kratom-K

Kratom-K Warning Please Read: Do not buy from Kratom-k. I used to have a positive view on the company but it has since changed. Their products are ok and prices decent but their customer service is very bad and they will scam you if they get a chance. I will never do business or order… Read More »

Super Fun Cave: A Review of the Vendor

Super Fun Cave is one of the many well-known kratom vendors online that sell kratom extracts and other herbal items. They typically describe themselves as a source for premier adult products which include smokes and concentrate devices, novelties, and a wide collection of natural herbal medicines. You’ll spot popular brands such as Kaboom Kratom, PEP… Read More »