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Review of the White Borneo Kratom

One the most known herbal remedies in the market today, the Borneo Kratom, stemmed its powerful influence from the land where it grew: Borneo. It was in Borneo where the Mitragyna Speciosa Kratom tree began its growth for thousands of years. Since then, lovers of the strong White Borneo kratom have appreciated the plant for… Read More »

Different Ways of Taking in Kratom Powder

There are different ways in which you can take in kratom. Whether it’s buying kratom leaf powder, or you order kratom online, or bought dried and crushed kratom leaves, you can easily grind them into powdered form. In making a kratom leaf powder, grind or have the leaves crushed in a whirling a blender. An… Read More »

Green Horn Kratom Review

The Green Horn Kratom strain, originating from Borneo, is an herbal medicine that is widely sold by a majority of kratom vendors around the world due to its significant potency. If a color describes the aroma of a kratom then the Green Horn Kratom is a cool, shiny emerald river that’s transparent and clean. The… Read More »

White Borneo Kratom – A Mood-Enhancing Strain

Borneo Kratom which took birth in Borneo gained much popularity due to its healing remedies. Cultivated with much care and prepared out of selected leaves this particular strain gives instant relief to many abnormalities. It was not just confined to the island Borneo, it quickly spread to all over the world and is being used… Read More »

Ultra Enhanced Indo – Euphoric & Powerful Strain

Whenever you spot an “enhanced” label on a kratom item, it usually means its potency has been enhanced via the addition of a concentrated extract. This is the case for the Ultra Enhanced Indo (UEI). Its extract is formulated by extensively boiling the densely packed kratom resin. As much as 1,500 mg of sourced alkaloids… Read More »

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Maeng Da – A Powerful, Popular Stimulating Strain

The Maeng Da strain of kratom is known to be one of the most powerful strains of kratom available. Once a rarity, coming from very remote regions of Thailand, Maeng Da has risen to be one of the most popular strains available. This strain of kratom is known for having higher alkaloid content. It is… Read More »

Red Borneo – A Relaxing Red Vein Strain

The Red Borneo strain is yet another popular type of kratom to enjoy. Borneo comes in red, green and white and all three types of this strain have different effects. The red type is the most relaxing and sedating out of the Borneo strains and it is also the most popular. Borneo is the third… Read More »

Red Bali – Popular Analgestic With Sedative Effects

The red Bali kratom strain is yet another popular strain. Like the red vein Thai strain, it is a very relaxing and sedating type of kratom. Red Bali is great for those looking for a relaxing strain with analgesic and sedative properties. If you are looking for a huge “kick” red Bali kratom is not… Read More »